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Banking on RPO’s Global Reach

To process more than 2,900 applicants on three continents and in four time zones in three weeks, the IADB turned to an RPO solution. Using a rapid deployment process, Adecco helped the institution hire 36 senior employees in 60 days.

by Lisa C. Ovenden, Vice President Business Development, Adecco

As the RPO market continues to develop, one area expected to experience tremendous growth is international engagement, and in major markets such as the EU, both demand and the number of new providers to the market are skyrocketing.

But closer to home, outsourced recruitment services are also striking a chord with other global HR organizations. Take the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) for example. The institution is one of the main sources of multilateral financing for economic, social, and institutional development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. It finances development projects and support strategies through loans and grants, helping to reduce poverty, expand economic growth, increase trade and investment, promote regional integration, and foster private-sector development and modernization, according to the IADB.

Comprising of the IDB, the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), the organization focuses on support for small and medium-sized businesses and promotes private-sector growth through grants and investments. It boasts 42 member countries.

When it recently needed to fill 36 senior, international director-level positions, it turned to RPO to help staff these critical roles. The individuals needed to be hired and on-boarded within 60 days. The organization determined that an outsourced recruitment approach through Adecco could help the bank meet its goals, but the task was not easy. In addition to the deep experience needed for each position, fluency in two languages was also required.

Increasingly, the RPO market is building a foundation for a global footprint. Buyers, especially larger players with presence in a number of countries, are pulling their HR service providers into new regions and markets. As is the case with the IADB, a number of HR organizations are discovering that contracting services with a global provider can bring them local recruitment expertise in numerous places.

One of the challenges the IADB faced was that it lacked the resources to process more than 100 resumes per requisition. Beyond the responses to internal and external postings, qualified individuals were interviewed using the Adler 10 Factor Assessment, which could only be completed by a recruiter certified in using this assessment tool.

After receiving responses from more than 2,900 applicants on three continents and in four time zones for the 36 requisitions, the bank contracted Adecco to provide an initial screen of candidates, complete the Adler 10 Factor Assessment, rank the top candidates in order, prepare dossiers for each of the top candidates, enter all information into the bank’s applicant tracking system, and provide reporting and communication every two days to the bank’s internal team.

Under a tight deadline, Adecco used a rapid staffing/rapid deployment model as the strategy to meet the client’s expectations. An expanded delivery team ensured that the deadline for completion was met and that additional individuals were certified in the Adler 10 Factor Assessment process. The provider divided its team into groups based on global time zones and position priority, enabling the delivery of candidates for the high-level positions in a seamless manner. Communication plans were defined for the candidates as well as the IADB HR representatives and hiring managers.

Within three weeks, the RPO provider had processed more than 2,900 candidates and provided the IADB with only individuals that fit the qualifications for each position in rank order. Adecco placed all candidates into the applicant tracking system with additional information for each individual. Executive overviews, including a dossier for the most qualified individuals, were created for the international interview panel. Using the rapid staffing and deployment model, the IADB was able to schedule and execute on the plan to hire 36, high-level, international directors in less than 60 days.

Demonstrating how a robust RPO solution can extend beyond borders, IADB’s implementation is just one example of the global reach that outsourced recruitment services can bring. While many deals today continue to be initiated by region, increasingly they include global elements as well, although not with the same comprehensive scope as IADB’s project. But as buyers realize that they can encompass their recruitment needs for numerous regions, look for more deals to include an international flavor.  

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