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2010 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Top Learning Providers

Last year when we surveyed the learning industry, cost reduction—driven by vendor management and BPO procurement management—was the buzz among providers. Today, cost savings continues to be the major driver, but buyers have made clear that service and organizational issues are equally important.
The great thing about outsourcing is that as the market shifts, there is a solution for every need, so if your requirements are for no-frills, low-cost service, or if you want to transform learning through a comprehensive offering, it’s out there. And you can be sure that any one of the providers listed here is capable of delivering technology, administrative support, and content creation. Their solutions are highly evolved and incorporate cutting-edge technology, industry-leading best practices, and deep domain expertise.
Once again we solicited the input of current learning BPO buyers to rank the providers in the space (read on for the methodology). We believe the best lens for viewing how well a provider delivers services is through the experience of customers already engaged in an outsourcing relationship.
We hope that the Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings in learning provides you the insight necessary to find the most appropriate vendor for your needs.
Ranking Methodology: Buyers were asked to participate in an online, anonymous survey regarding their experience with their current service provider. The survey instrument measured user satisfaction along with breadth of service, quality of service, and deal size.  We offer deal size as a comparator for you to measure a potential provider against the scope of a program you may wish to put out to bid.
This is a standard methodology used in all of our Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings. HRO Today ranked only providers for which we were able to compile enough respondents to have statistically valid customer data.
1. Raytheon Professional Services
3. ACS
4. Intrepid Learning Solutions
5. The Training Associates
6. General Physics
7. RWD Technologies
8. Element K
9. GeoLearning
10. Convergys
11. Mosiac
Click here to view the 2010 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings in Learning.
Click here to view the Overall Chart.
Click here to view charts in Size of Deal, Breadth of Service, and Quality of Deal.

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