A new report examines the ways in which learning and development is making an impact on today’s workforce. 

Research shows that learning and development programs are very beneficial to organizations and employees alike, especially when it comes to lowering attrition rates. LinkedIn’s 2023 Workplace Learning Report finds that the top strategy for improving retention is providing learning opportunities—and this makes perfect sense considering two of the top five reasons employees leave their jobs is for career growth and to learn and develop new skills. If L&D opportunities are offered at current jobs, top talent will stay and retention will improve.

In addition to retention, the 2023 Workplace Learning Report shows the other focus areas for L&D include aligning learning programs to business goals and creating a culture of learning. Upskilling employees is also key with 89% of L&D leaders saying that proactively building skill sets will help navigate the evolving future of work. Employees are looking to learning programs to reach career goals and stay up-to-date in their areas of expertise.

As organizations plan their strategy around their L&D initiatives, the 2023 Workplace Learning Report show the top areas for this year including:

  1. mentorships;
  2. DEIB;
  3. upskilling and reskilling;
  4. employee well-being;
  5. career development programs;
  6. leading through change;
  7. digital fluency transformation;
  8. compliance;
  9. hybrid or flexible work; and
  10. internal mobility programs.

Click here to view the list of providers that can help in the request for proposal process as organizations build out their programs. 

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