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Recruiting in the Dark: Research Outcomes and Effectiveness of Resume Redaction in Recruiting

A renewed spotlight on systemic racism in 2020 emphasized the importance of Diversity & Inclusion more than ever before. Transcending into the workplace, organizations were enlightened to increase equity and eliminate biases in all areas of their business, starting with hiring and practices like resume redaction.

Resume redaction, also known as blind recruitment, is the process of removing identification details for job candidates’ resumes. The goal is to help recruiters evaluate people based on their skills and experience, instead of factors that could lead to unconscious or conscious biases.

But while the intention of this practice is laudable, does it meet the goals of improving workforce diversity and reducing bias? How prevalent is the practice and how is it being done?

HRO Today‘s new flash report, Recruiting in the Dark, shines a light on the use of resume redaction and its overall effectiveness. Download it now!

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