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Malaysian jobseekers should consider these most in-demand industries.

By Zee Johnson

Recent events have changed the Malaysian job landscape and have forced employees and companies to be agile at a moment’s notice. As the world’s reliance on technology skyrocketed and workers literally took their jobs home, some of the industries that have established their importance look quite different than before.’s list of Malaysia’s most in-demand jobs boast tech-driven positions, but also list traditional jobs that come with skills that have sustained their value.

For those looking to tap into new career opportunities or looking to upskill their workforce, here are five industries that are in high demand.

  1. Information technology and software development. Even companies that appeared to have no direct affiliation with tech now have incorporated digital technologies into their daily operations. Software and app developers, especially during the pandemic, created digital platforms for businesses, whilst web developers and user experience (UX) designers provided the designs for these platforms to increase business effectiveness. The rise of telecommuting has made IT jobs one of the most in demand and positions like system analysts and cyber security specialists are vastly important to companies that need to establish new IT systems.
  2. Digital marketing. Digital marketing has gained much notoriety in Malaysia, with its importance resonating most with today’s generation of consumers. Undoubtedly, digital consumption and interaction have accelerated further during the pandemic. Digital marketing roles include marketing specialists, marking analysts, content writers, and video producers. This area of expertise is the newest and most effective way to deliver marketing and sales today.
  1. Finance. Whilst many things have changed in recent years, what’s remained the same is money and the need for it. As many companies adapt to unprecedented challenges, those with financial expertise are greatly needed. From financial analysts to accountants and investment advisors, these professionals are helping businesses survive and thrive by maximising profit opportunities.
  1. Medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, and those who assist them were essential in fighting the spread of COVID-19 and helping treat those who were affected by it. Though medical roles are in extreme demand, this sector will need all the support it can get in the near future.
  1. Educators. The educational system underwent major changes as students and staff shifted to virtual learning. Now, institutions will be seeking instructors who are tech-savvy and familiar with new techniques for teaching in the digital age. Schools and universities are also looking to bridge the generational gap between teachers and students who are digital natives of current technologies.


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