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HR leaders have a new opportunity to develop their team members.

By Jason Frenchman

HR leaders understand better than anyone that career and professional development opportunities are key to retention. In fact, retention rates rise between 30% and 50% for companies with strong learning cultures, which rings true for HR teams. In the past, training and development expenditures are decentralized with little oversight -not anymore. The HRO Today Professional Development Institute delivers the content, visibility, and control to ensure HR leaders accomplish their training, certification, and retention goals.

What else does the HRO Today Professional Development Institute offer? HR leaders can leverage a reliable training partner to help inform and educate their team members with the highest quality content available. According to HRO Today‘s recent reader survey, 85% of respondents say that HRO Today is an objective source of information about the industry and 79% say that HRO Today helps them think strategically about their organization. The Professional Development Institute utilizes several components of the HRO Today global network, including its educational and technology conferences, its content, and its research.

With a subscription to the Professional Development Institute, HR leaders get a unique opportunity to work with each individual team member to design a customized year-long training plan that aligns the professional with the best-suited HRO Today learning events. With choices that cater to the needs of an individual team member, specific tracks of content include:

• Strategy
• Talent acquisition
• Learning and development
• Recognition and retention

Members learn best practices and deep insights into specific aspects of the HR field, all while earning HRCI credits. This ensures that there’s no waste in any training program, as individual tracks allow leaders to focus on certain areas of need for each team member.

An additional bonus for members of the HRO Today‘s Professional Development Institute is a personalized education coordinator. Education coordinators track utilization and sessions based on individual needs and the chosen track. This concierge service will secure attendance by pre-registering team members for the conferences within their training plan. It will also keep everyone on track with the progress of each person’s credit allocation and make sure that the professional development budget is monitored and well-utilized

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