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GenAI, Machine Learning Skills Sought After in India

Research from Michael Page finds that junior-level professionals switching jobs in the tech industry utilising these skills can expect an average salary increase of between 35% and 45%.

By Maggie Mancini

Employees with generative AI, machine learning, and data analytics skills are among the most sought after by companies in India, according to research from Michael Page. The IT services industry—which is a cornerstone of the Indian economy—is flourishing alongside industries like healthcare, consumer, renewables, and finance. These traditional industries are driving hiring activity, while manufacturing and operations roles remain in high demand.  

Junior-level professionals within all sectors are seeing salary increases between 25% and 40% when switching jobs, compared to between 7% and 20% when remaining in their current positions, according to the report. For those in the technology industry, junior-level professionals can see between 35% and 45% salary increases, compared to between 30% and 40% among mid-level professionals and between 20% and 30% among senior leaders. Organisations are seeking out professionals with skills in development operations, SAP, AI, machine learning, design, and cybersecurity. 

For those in finance, junior-level professionals can see a salary increase between 30% and 35% when switching jobs as organisations seek out product developers and tech engineers to support their operations. For those in engineering and manufacturing, professionals can see salary increases of between 33% and 38% as organisations seek out chemical and mechanical engineers. For professionals in the healthcare industry, mid-level managers are expected to see the highest salary increases (between 30% and 35%) when switching jobs as organisations seek out those skilled in digital transformation and business development.  

For HR professionals, mid-level professionals can expect to see salary increases between 20% and 35% when switching jobs—compared to between 10% and 22% increases among senior leaders. This comes as organisations are seeking out employees with recruiting, DEI, and engagement skills, the report finds. Those in the legal sector can see between 20% and 30% salary increases when switching jobs, with top in-demand skills including data privacy, regulatory compliance, and experience with IPOs.  

Overall, 68% of employees are actively looking for new jobs, while 34% of employers have found recruiting difficult in the last 12 months. Further, a quarter (25%) are unsatisfied with their current jobs.  

Read the full salary guide here.  

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