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According to a report, L&D professionals have seen an increase in their workloads and are upskilling to become more equipped. 

By Zee Johnson 

A new report found that 53% of learning and development professionals say that their company’s workload has increased over the past year, despite an increase in resources. 

CIPD’s Learning at Work 2023 report uncovered the current priorities and challenges within the function, as well as the potential changes that are expected to help organisations thrive.  

With a larger workload, the biggest priority for 29% of L&D professionals is addressing the skills gap, perhaps due to the 10% decrease (59%) from last year in professionals who say they can respond agilely to the changing needs of the organisation.  

They are also looking to work smarter, not harder, and to do this, 57% said they have become proactive in identifying performance issues. Many are also embracing digital tools, with 11% saying they use or are planning to use generative AI as of February 2023. 

Collaboration with organisation stakeholders also proves to be important to build skills across the employee experience, with 37% saying they have systems in place to help individuals share what they have learned. 

The report lists more ways for L&D professionals to be impactful in their organisations.  

  • Implement evidence-backed practices to produce positive results. 
  • Use the lessons learned from the pandemic to influence future decisions. 
  • Leverage technology to uncover new ways of supporting evidence-backed practices. 
  • Upskill to retain and nurture talent. 
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