Memorable Moments

Forum panelists and session-goers looked to the future as they discussed the challenges they’ve overcome and where their resiliency will soon take them.

The 2022 HRO Today Forum was a three-day event packed with standout moments and key takeaways that attendees can apply to their companies and careers. Senior-level HR executives came together under one roof to share, inquire, and understand. Here are some highlights from the most talked-about sessions.

HR Talks -CHROs and Their Stories

Four dynamic women took the stage to talk about their experiences leading companies before, during, and after an unpredictable two years. The “Ted Talk” style, 10-minute sessions featured Andrea Giraldo, head of people, Americas for Monstarlab; Mai Lan Nguyen, senior vice president of HR for Schneider Electric; Sallie Larsen, managing director and CHRO for LPL Financial; and Zaina Orbai, chief people officer for The RealReal (pictured above). The speakers touched on what it takes to advocate for diversity and inclusion, secure top talent during a pandemic, and move to remote environments and encourage flex work with part-time opportunities.


Thought Leadership Townhall

HRO Today‘s CEO, Elliot Clark joined Peter Cappelli, renowned director of the Wharton School’s Center for Human Resources (pictured above), to answer HR’s burning questions. Backed by extensive research and statistics, Cappelli discussed the current trends he addresses in his new book, The Future of the Office: Work from Home, Remote Work, and the Hard Choices We All Face. Cappelli got the crowd involved with a cool, interactive QR-code generated poll where attendees answered questions around the use of “tattleware” and if remote work impacts productivity. HR professionals left the session with peer insight and the appropriate tools to make research-backed decisions to drive success for their employers and employees.


CHRO Panel: What’s Next?

Moderated by Larry Basinait, HRO Today‘s vice president of research, four experienced executives hit the stage with stories and proven strategies on how companies can make the transition from dealing with global turmoil to coming out on the winning side and staying there. One by one, David Cook, CHRO of TriHealth, Elisa Bannon-Jones, CHRO of GNC, Donna Szarwark, VP of HR and Amy Roy, CHRO of Namely for Cincinnati Incorporated, discussed how they’ve been able to trudge through adversity and how their tactics have set their organizations up for continued gains. Because of their work, they’ve curated techniques that will help with acquiring and retaining talent, implementing new, emerging technologies, and remaining agile for years to come. The panel laid it all out and advised attendees on how they too can prepare for the future of HR.

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