HRO Today’s VP of Research Larry Basinait provides an insider’s look into our annual ranking of the top 100 HR teams.

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What is the significance of the HR100?

Larry Basinait: Recognizing excellent HR departments is essential for fostering a positive work culture, attracting and retaining talent, ensuring compliance, managing conflicts, and contributing to overall organizational success. It reinforces the importance of HR in the broader business context and encourages continuous improvement in HR practices. The HR100 brings the best of 40 established benchmarking and ranking programs into one composite score, reflecting the very best in HR practices across a wide array of measures.

What does the HR100 take into account to formulate the overall ranking?

Basinait: The HRO Today HR100 produces the top HR departments from a list of 3,000 organizations. It ranks the top 100 HR departments that performed best in eight core areas, including workplace culture, employee benefits, diversity and inclusion, employee development and talent management, HR innovation, leadership development, talent acquisition, and employer brand.

Why are these important considerations for recognizing HR teams?

Basinait: The core eight areas we include are essential responsibilities of any top performing HR department. HR’s responsibilities continue to grow, and expectations are higher than ever before. Looking forward, we expect to add even more areas to our methodology in order to best reflect that evolution.

What trends have you seen in the HR100 throughout the years it has been compiled?

Basinait: The first year of the HR100 was 2020, a particularly busy time for HR. The HR100 reflects the changes HR departments have gone through since then. The HR function has elevated in importance since then, and as such, there are more organizations looking to acknowledge the work being doing in the function. There are more sources of data, particularly around diversity, equity and inclusion.

Considering about one half of organizations were on both the 2021 list and the 2023-2024 list, there’s a core group of organizations that will continue to be part of this prestigious ranking because of their commitment to HR.

How will the HR100 evolve?

Basinait: Looking forward, there will likely be a greater focus on how HR is managing the digital transformation as well as learning and development that addresses the increasing skills shortage.

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