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The Talent Games has used their gamification assessments to help companies beat the talent shortage whilst showcasing their ability to be progressive, concise, and efficient.

By Zee Johnson

When PTCL, a telecommunications company, began their recruitment process, they needed help creating a standout program that attracted the right candidates–The Talent Games had the solution. They helped launch a recruitment campaign utilizing gamified assessments that specifically showcased PTCL’s workplace and employees. This personal, virtual interaction led to over 70,000 applications, 100 management trainee hires, and a highly-regarded employee value proposition (EVP) for PTCL.

The Talent Games’ approach to talent acquisition has provided a unique candidate experience and swift pre-screening solutions. It’s also allowed companies to be time and cost-efficient during the hiring process, making the interaction between them and their candidates seamless.

TTG has also worked intentionally to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. To do this, they made their assessments situational judgement tests that primarily focus on a candidate’s response to relevant issues and the outcome is not swayed by race, gender, age, etc. This equitable initiative has further pushed for fair hiring practices in an effort to underscore biases, attract diverse talent pools, and provide stellar candidate experiences.

The Talent Games was presented with the HRO Today Association Award for Innovation in Technology.

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