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A New Approach to Learning

Blue Elephants Solutions is enhancing programmes by adding an element of fun, resulting in employees retaining more knowledge.

By Zee Johnson

From conception, Blue Elephants Solutions set out to change the way workers retain information during very important company trainings. On average, workers lose 50% of the information they’ve received after only one day and go on to lose 90% after one month. This seemingly waste of money inspired the company’s founder and CEO Christian Borchert to develop an AI-based knowledge retention solution that implements elements of gamification to refresh learners’ memories whilst increasing employee engagement and productivity. Company training becomes more worthwhile and effective in a few ways.

  • Employees are motivated to regularly review important information and refresh their memories in a fun, effective, and simulated way.
  • Customized training modules are created for individualized and group sessions.
  • Training progress is monitored from back or front-end, meaning from both trainer or team leader perspectives.

Blue Elephants Solutions is one of the first companies to equip organisations who already utilise an AI-driven, gamified, and repetitious approach with an SaaS Solution. The company is currently piloting its innovation through a number of well-established corporations looking to redesign training. Its impact is being felt globally.

For its ground-breaking approach, Blue Elephants Solutions was honored with a 2021 HRO Today Association award for Innovation in HR Technology.

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