Priyanka Taikar, chief human resource officer at VTEST Software, focuses on elevating DEI initiatives and improving employee engagement.

By Maggie Mancini

As chief human resource officer at VTEST Software Pvt. Ltd., Priyanka Taikar has implemented employee initiatives aimed at removing bias and discrimination regarding religion, skin color, geography, gender, language, and technical skill set. These initiatives helped the company foster creativity, innovation, empathy, and social cohesion within the organisation.  

As CHRO, Taikar has helped implement numerous initiatives and programmes, including interest subsidies, menstrual leave policies for female employees, profit-sharing, training and certifications programmes, monthly achievements, social media programmes, recognition for high-achieving workers, additional vacation and leave benefits, awards, and performance management.  

When faced with the challenge of fostering positive employee connections for remote workers, Taikar has worked to implement employee engagement programmes, including unexpected team lunches, mental and physical wellness initiatives, and employee pulse and sentiment surveys to collect feedback.  

With these efforts in mind, Taikar was recognised with the HRO Today Association’s APAC Award for HR Excellence.  

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