COVID-19Workforce Management

COVID-19 Workplace Concerns

Health, safety, and cyber threats are among HR’s biggest challenges.

By The Editors

Change continues in the first few months of 2021. Gallagher’s new report Impact of COVID-19 on UK Businesses examines how the challenges of the global pandemic continue to present concerns for HR as well as opportunities for positive change in the long term.

Key findings include:

  1. Maintaining the health and safety of workers remains a concern. Gallagher’s research finds that 45% of businesses are unprepared for the health and safety measures that need to be put in place as offices reopen, and 52% fear being sued due to someone getting sick on their premises.
  1. Organisations are taking steps to ensure the return to work is successful. When it comes to the reopening of offices, 52% of businesses say their biggest concern is employee well-being. Communication is essential. Be sure that line managers are speaking to employees about the return-to-work plan to minimise risk and increase confidence. Gallagher’s research recommends that employers promote an inclusive culture so that every employee feels they are returning to a supportive and caring environment.
  1. Cyber threats are on HR’s radar. With many employees working remotely, concerns about cyberattacks are on the rise. Gallagher’s research reports that 54% of businesses say cyber risk has increased and 30% say cybercrime is one of their biggest concerns. There are those taking advantage of the potential vulnerabilities of working remotely and the fact that some employees have lower levels of awareness.
  1. The pandemic has shifted business priorities. The report finds that many business leaders say the pandemic had made them revaluate their business and change their priorities. In fact, 52% of business owners say that COVID-19 will present them with opportunities, 34% will take the opportunity to streamline their business, and 31% will expand into new product areas.
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