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8 Key Takeaways for Improving D&I | Presented by Workforce Logiq

With an increased focus across the country on diversity and inclusion, U.S. organizations are spending upwards of eight billion dollars annually on accompanying initiatives.

However, tanglible results have been difficult to deliver…

Companies are still struggling to achieve equity and further a D&I agenda for their total workforce. That’s why HRO Today‘s new flash report, sponsored by Workforce Logiq, set out to provide 8 key takeaways needed to reach your D&I sourcing goals.

Listen now as Workforce Logiq’s VP of D&I, William T. Rolack Sr. and HRO Today‘s VP of Market Research, Larry Basinait, discuss survey results and ways to make D&I a reality for your workforce.

Then download the full report here: https://bit.ly/2TF6FVU.

This report was sponsored by Workforce Logiq, click here to learn more: https://www.workforcelogiq.com/.

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