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Worker Confidence Index: Fourth Quarter 2020

2020 was a rollercoaster of a year, defined by a global pandemic that set the economy into a tailspin and plagued workers and employers alike. The year started that way, but then unemployment spiked before somewhat falling back, though still higher than pre-pandemic levels. As such, worker confidence reflected the many ups and downs we experienced during the most unusual year.

Even with 2021 now underway, the residual effects of 2020 will remain. But for how long? How secure are workers actually feeling in their jobs? And has trust in company leadership grown or declined?

These topics and more are covered in our Fourth Quarter Worker Confidence Index Report.

Download this report now and learn:

  • How worker opinions changed from previous quarters
  • How changes in worker confidence in 2020, especially during the fourth quarter, will affect 2021 and years to come
  • What outside factors, like the stock market and vaccine rollout, mean for worker confidence

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