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Untitled 2A roundup of the hottest HR technology platforms and solutions.

By Ward Christman

New HR technology comes out to play each October at the annual HR Technology Conference and Expo, and any HR advisor would be remiss if they didn’t get excited at the prospect of finding the next big thing. The majority of new HR technology offerings center around talent: measuring employer brand, improving social recruiting, and leveraging big data.

Some interesting start-ups coming to market:

Fuel50. Couching themselves as a “LinkedIn” for the workforce, Fuel50 enables employees to gain a line of sight into career opportunities across the business, promoting improved engagement, retention, and even increased revenue per employee. Useful for mid-sized companies on up, this internal visibility has been sorely ignored and it’s exciting to see a simple yet powerful tool emerge to address this head on without the need of a full talent management suite.

BrandAmp. Ajax Workforce Marketing’s solution helps HR and marketing measure their employer brand via employee feedback. This is useful to help improve social recruiting.

QUEsocial. The solution does a nice job of blending and distributing brand content with gamification and analytics for continuous improvement of social recruiting campaigns.

Talent Scan. Data Morphosis’ latest module is designed to take talent strategy into the boardroom by using data visualization. This makes it much easier for companies to sort through data and translate it in a way that helps HR drive the business.

RNA. BlackbookHR’s new Network Insights provides an interactive visualization of the informational and relational networks in an organization. The tool is designed to drive talent optimization, change management, and leadership effectiveness.

Zenefits. The solution provides a platform to manage core HR services like payroll, benefits, compliance, etc.

PeopleDoc. The software service is designed for large enterprises to aggregate what is typically a hodge-podge of payroll, policy, and other paper and digital file systems into secure master files accessible via the cloud.

7Geese. This solution is a hybrid of a 360 performance review. The social performance tool delivers continuous feedback, coaching, recognition, and goal tracking.

Three of the hottest trends this year were #bigdata, #analytics, and #mobile. Jibe is one of the industry leaders helping to make recruiting analytics clear, relevant, and actionable for all the steps in talent acquisition.

“HR Tech in Vegas showed us that analytics is top of mind for talent acquisition and that the marketplace is responding by saturating the field,” shares Chris Cho, head of product for Jibe.

One thing that never changes is the constant change in the HR tech industry. iCIMS’ Chief Marketing Officer Susan Vitale says, “Recruitment technology is changing fast and people are taking notice. At our booth we talked to many talent acquisition leaders who are embracing these changes, who I predict will help pave the way for many in this new era of recruiting.”

Other disruptive technologies help organizations boost employee engagement. Globoforce showcased its latest product, Service TimelinesTM. “(It) is modernizing traditional service anniversaries into powerful moments of inspiration for all employees,” says Charlie Ungashick, chief marketing officer for Globoforce.

Wearables are also making their way into the HR space. Jayson Saba, VP of strategy for Ceridian, put a new stake in the ground. “We showed Dayforce Wear, making Ceridian the first to the HCM market in wearables,” he reports.

Others launching new offerings included ClearCompany, a real-time talent management platform provider. “Our solution convert(s) inevitable employee turnover into an opportunity to continuously improve talent,” says Brian Campbell, SVP of sales for the company.

There’s always lots to learn at HR Tech, but whatever you glean, don’t let it stay in Vegas –leverage it to make HR the strategic business partner it deserves to be.

Ward Christman is chief advisor for HR Tech Advisor. He can be reached @HRTechAdvisor or www.HRTechAdvisor.com

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