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The CHRO of the Year Comes to the EU Forum in Amsterdam

By the Editors

Each year, the HRO Today Global magazine and the HRO Today Services & Technology Association honor human resources professionals who demonstrate the highest- levels of leadership and professional excellence.

To ensure global coverage of high-level HR, we recognise leaders in three regions -Asia Pacific, North American, and the European Union. The awards ceremonies are a highlight of the year in each region and the award ceremony is held at the same time as the HRO Today Forum in that region.

The theme this year for each of our regional awards is “Be Inspired -Recognising Excellence in HR.” HRO Today Global looks for HR professionals who serve as an inspiration not only for their colleagues and other individuals in their organisations, but also for the communities in which they work and as an exemplar for other HR professionals outside their organisations.

‘Highest levels of leadership’

The nominated and winning HR professionals are people who have attained the high-levels of professional proficiency themselves, and then turn around and do great jobs of making the people around them perform better as well. Leadership, after all, is not just about mission and direction, but about inspiring those around them to do their best and getting that top performance out of them. Each of the finalists listed below has demonstrated those highest levels of leadership.

This year we received numerous nominations, all of whom were deserving of recognition. From the group of top global professionals, we created a select group of finalists. These finalists will be evaluated across three dimensions to determine the winners:

  • The scope of the nominee’s impact on his/her organisation/community.
  • The extent to which the nominee drove this initiative.
  • The individual reputational or professional risk taken by the nominee.

Each nomination describes the finalist’s overall impact on his or her organisation, as well as the process and risk involved around key initiatives led by the nominee. HRO Today Global Magazine will consider input from a judging panel of experts in addition to other factors when making the final determination about the 2015 award winners. The winners will be announced at the HRO Today Forum EU 10 November in Amsterdam.

Finalists in the following nine categories will be recognised:

Strategic HR Awards:

Thought Leadership Award

Excellence in Business Partnership

HR Practices Awards:

Recruitment Team of the Year

Excellence in Engagement Strategy

Innovation in HR Technology

Diversity & Inclusion Excellence

Best Use of Social Media

HR Providers Awards:

Partnership in Recruiting Excellence

Individual Award:

HR Superstar

“I am very excited about the HRO Today Awards Gala and Cocktail reception, being held on Tuesday evening November 10th, at our HRO Today Forum Europe, recognising excellence in human resources,” says HRO Today Services & Technology Association Global Executive Director Zachary Misko.”Over the last year, working with our Board of Advisors, the SharedXpertise team, and our members, we have accomplished much and have a lot to celebrate. Our awards programme theme this year is, ‘Be Inspired -Recognising Excellence in HR!’ I am inspired by the opportunity to engage, work with and know an outstanding group of practitioners, providers, thought leaders, analysts and industry experts that make up our association membership. I am inspired by the accomplishments of all nominees and look forward to announcing our winners!”

The nominees below are listed in alphabetical order:

Sherif Hanna

Chief People and Compliance Officer


Sherif Hanna is Chief People Officer and

Compliance Officer for Mobinil, a leading mobile-service operator in Egypt with 30 million customers.

Hanna has successfully led the HR team in several key initiatives including implementing an HR business partner model and sponsoring the automation and optimization of key HR process to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Jan Cees Marijt

Global Head of Compensation and Benefits and Human Resources Services


Jan Cees Marijt is the former Vice President of Compensation and Benefits for Stockhold, Sweden- headquartered Sandvik AB, a $10 billion high-tech manufacturer and primarily of tools and tooling systems, engineering firm, with 25,000 employees worldwide. Marijt spearheaded job leveling, streamlined operations to modernise HR delivery, and implemented pay-for-performance across the organisation.

Marijt moved earlier this year to JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS, an Amsterdam-based multi-billion dollar food and beverage company, perhaps best known as a coffee and tea company founded in 1753.

Joanne Marshall

Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development

University of Bradford

Joanne Marshall is director of HR for West Yorkshire, UK-based University of Bradford, a post she’s held since 2013. During her tenure, she’s rapidly made an impact. Marshall is responsible for the transformation of the HR function, providing operational and strategic support to its business units, including a HR service centre, improving learning and development, and creating and improving occupational health and well- being programmes.
Boele Staal

Integration Architect

TMF Group

Boele Staal is the integration architect for TMF Group, a $414 million, Amsterdam-based financial and professional services firm with 5,500 employees in 100 offices worldwide.

Staal was nominated for spearheading technology-led initiatives with TMF, including identifying technology, implementing products, designing commercial tools, and legal schedules.

It was Staal’s leadership of change that has led to his nomination. He has had a keen focus on customer service by devising high quality solutions that meet business needs. He is responsible for due diligence investigation, workshops, and documentation and solution definition, design and specification.

Oscar Gonzalez Undiano

Human Resources Director

Azkoyen Group

Oscar Gonzalez Undiano is the HR director of Azkoyen Group, a Navarre, Spain-based manufacturer of payment systems, vending machines, and security systems/access control 800 employees in 60 countries. In his role as Human Resources Director, Gonzalez ensures a standardisation of methodologies and information by executing on best practices. He has a strong focus on performance management and professional development.

Gonzalez was nominated for his skills at organisational development and collective bargaining, for his standardisation of methodologies, and his implementation of best practices. All this was done in a time of retrenchment for the company, as the company turned from operating losses to profits.

Galina Vaisband

Vice President, Human Resources

Home Credit and Finance Bank, Russia

Galina Vaisband is Vice President of HR at Home Credit and Finance Bank in Russia, which operates globally. As HR Vice President, Vaisband is responsible for the development and implementation of management strategies. She has executed major reforms for childcare for working parents. Her nomination stems from her work at an Obninsk, Russia facility with 1,145 employees on site and installation of a kindergarten there.

Arne-Christian van der Tang

Senior Vice President Group Human Resources


Arne-Christian van der Tang is senior vice-president HR for TomTom, a $1 billion-plus, Amsterdam-based firm that creates navigation, traffic and map products, GPS Sport Watches and fleet management solutions. It has 4,000 employees worldwide.

van der Tang was able to secure significant investments in the HR organisation across the business to execute on large-scale change management. Some of his achievements include a new global employer brand strategy; employee workforce segmentation; a HR service delivery model; a new onboarding platform; and improved global workforce planning.

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