Tech start-up makes professional development experiences for remote and hybrid teams more accessible than ever.

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With total spending on workplace training in the United States reaching $92.3 billion in 20211, tech start-up Confetti, a website for booking virtual corporate development and team building events, is targeting this growing market with a new collection of professional development experiences for remote and hybrid workforces.

The new roster of experiences from Confetti ranges from Empathy At Work, a session that aims to enable team members to get to know and understand each other better; Navigating Tough Conversations, a session on how to manage conflict and misunderstandings in the workplace; a Vision Board Workshop, enabling teams to envision and manifest their goals in an interactive way and Creating A Culture for Mental Health, an interactive lecture-based workshop to help teams get started on the conversation about mental health in the workplace.

For teams easing their way into virtual experiences, Confetti offers a fun way to co-work. Their Deep Focus experience provides a digital co-working space that has hosts that offer quick 5-minute team-building exercises so team members can lightly get to know one another and in between have guided stretch breaks, conversation rooms, and productivity-friendly music in the available work-rooms. “It’s affordable and perfect for hesitant teams who aren’t sure how they feel about socializing with co-workers.”

During the pandemic, Confetti pivoted online to offer virtual team-building experiences for remote and hybrid working teams across the US. The company has now simplified how businesses can access, book, and deliver professional development through a distinctive range of development offerings. The professional development experiences are all interactive, delivered in real-time, and led by experienced hosts.

“From empathy to collaboration, from conflict resolution to positive culture, our experiences are designed around skills that help teams succeed,” explains Lee Rubin, founder of Confetti.

“Teams learn so much during these experiences while having fun. If companies don’t have the resources to spend on team building but can get a budget allocated from learning & development, these experiences guarantee both enjoyment and effectiveness”

Now, having seen take-up of its events increase significantly, it is doubling down on its commitment to focus on both professional development and DE&I through a user-friendly online channel.

“A strong culture builds stronger teams and therefore stronger companies. Shared social experiences are one of the most affordable tools that improve culture and lower churn,” continues Lee. “Confetti can enable companies to discover hundreds of exclusive team building, DE&I, and professional development ideas and instantly book memorable experiences for their teams that fit any budget.”

Liz Hardgrave, who works for work improvement platform Fin.com. undertook the Empathy at Work experience with Confetti. She says:

“I was a little nervous at first as I’ve done some events in the past with other companies centered around mental wellness or teambuilding and they have been quite surface level with company plugging. However, this was not the case with Confetti. Our host was very personal and gave us plenty of high-quality prompts that opened the door to good discussions among our team that we can continue even after the event.”

Statistics back up the notion that professional development at work is not only productive but also wanted by staff members. Training specialists Lorman reported that 87% of millennials believe learning and development in the workplace is important whilst 76% of millennials believe professional development opportunities are one of the most important aspects of company culture. 76% of employees say that a company would be more appealing if it offered additional skills training to its staff, whilst nearly 59% of employees claim they had no workplace training and that most of their skills were self-taught.2

Through Confetti, companies can quickly discover, plan and book engaging team events from a catalog of exclusive experiences that optimize corporate culture and professional growth. These range from team bonding games and happy hours to edutainment-style workshops and professional development training that cover soft skills & DE&I initiatives.

More information at www.withconfetti.com/

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2. Source: https://www.lorman.com/blog/post/39-statistics-that-prove-the-value-of-employee-training

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