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Tackling the Talent Shortage: A Two-Part Podcast Series | Presented by Korn Ferry

Listen now to Episode 1:Korn Ferry’s 2022 Talent Acquisition Trends Report recently identified 12 imminent industry trends that will greatly impact recruitment in the coming year, with one common theme emerging: the looming talent shortage.

Is your company poised to effectively tackle this challenge? Get expert advice from Korn Ferry’s Susan De La Vega and Florencia Megy as you plan for the coming year in our new two-part series on the topic. Trending industry questions such as the following are answered:

1. How much of “The Great Resignation” is due to people opting out of the workforce?
2. How do factors like the over-specialization of job requirements and a lack of upskilling truly affect retention?
3. What can be done to manage diversity workforce goals while simultaneously avoiding hiring biases?
4. What can be done to encourage engagement among both job candidates and hiring managers throughout the recruitment process?
5. How can you encourage HR to reevaluate salary bans and policies amid record wage inflation?

To read Korn Ferry’s full 2022 Talent Acquisition Trends report, click here.

Listen now to Episode 1:

Listen now to Episode 2:

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