SilkRoad Integrates Talent Activation Services Across Microsoft Cloud and Productivity Solutions

Delivering modern Talent Activation cloud solutions to people-centric businesses worldwide

CHICAGO – February 14, 2017 – SilkRoad (www.silkroad.com), a global leader in Talent Activation, today announced a broad technology initiative partnering with Microsoft and leveraging its technologies to transform how businesses leverage modern cloud services to manage and streamline talent acquisition, onboarding and development processes.

SilkRoad will integrate its core talent applications and the new SilkRoad Talent Center with key Microsoft products and services, including:

Microsoft Azure – SilkRoad will take advantage of Azure infrastructure and services to deliver unified talent journeys, experiences and apps powered by SilkRoad Talent Center and core talent applications. In addition, it will use Microsoft Power BI to highlight workforce insights and analytics. SilkRoad will also utilize Microsoft Logic Apps technology to enable orchestration between SilkRoad Talent Center and a wide range of employee-facing systems, applications and services.

Microsoft Office 365 – SilkRoad will deliver personalized onboarding journeys, employee engagement apps and talent management services through integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SharePoint and other Office 365 collaboration services. SilkRoad will use Microsoft Graph to access Office 365 employee interaction data to generate talent activation insights that can be used to measure employee engagement, optimize workforce operations and drive business outcomes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – SilkRoad will enable unified employee and talent management services. By integrating with Dynamics 365, SilkRoad can deliver experiences, apps and analytics that work seamlessly together across sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials, marketing and project management.

“More than 2,000 organizations worldwide work with SilkRoad to activate talent in some of the most demanding, people-centric industries. Running the SilkRoad Talent Center in Microsoft Cloud and providing employee engagement apps and journeys that fully leverage Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365 capabilities is a big win for our customers,” said Kamran Kheirolomoom, President of SilkRoad. “Going forward, combining our talent acquisition and development benchmarking data with employee interaction information, available through Microsoft Graph, will be a game-changer for talent leaders in understanding employee productivity and engagement.”

James Phillips, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft added, “SilkRoad’s technology helps activate and engage talent for some of the world’s most demanding organizations in people-centric industries like healthcare, financial services and legal. Microsoft empowers people and teams to work together more effectively by combining cloud-based productivity services with intelligent business applications. Together, we enable talent leaders in key industries to drive an integrated approach to talent activation and workforce productivity.”

SilkRoad’s technology and platform integration work has been ongoing for more than a year, including development of SilkRoad Talent Center on Azure and integration with Office 365. Today’s announcement deepens these touchpoints and takes further advantage of Dynamics 365 applications and platform services to better integrate employee data, deploy rich talent analytics, and provide rapid integration with third-party HR applications and services. SilkRoad’s ground-breaking Talent Center employee engagement cloud service is currently deployed with customer pilots and is expected to be launched market-wide in early 2017.

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