Reframe for the Future

It can be tempting to look for progress and innovation in new, cutting-edge technologies and ideas. But sometimes, improvements can be made by addressing issues closer to home. Payroll is one such area. The function has always had the potential of being a bugbear whilst also being the primary source of reward for employees’ work. Supercharged by the new work arrangements created by the pandemic, it is now revealing its potential as a source of information and data.

Diversity has long been seen as a positive agenda for organisations. But are organisations digging deep enough into the differences their employees bring to the workplace? Neurodiversity may be an unseen difference, but an increased awareness in this area can unleash new ideas and approaches for a business, as well as enabling it to tap into new talent streams.

Finally, the concept of whistleblowing has long been seen in a negative light, but it can actually provide an important line of communication between employees and their company. When correctly handled, it’s another way to ensure employees can make a positive contribution and feel like a trusted part of their organisation.

In this issue of HRO Today EMEA, we reframe some of the concepts around HR, revisiting ideas in places, adding new views in others. Each time, it’s clear that moving forward isn’t just about buying into the next new idea but can be about making more out of what your business already does.

Tags: EMEA March/April 2023

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