Partnering Up – 2/17

Chequed.com and Hire Well Now announce collaboration

Chequed.com, provider of cloud-based talent selection technology recently announced the launch of a partnership with Hire Well Now. This collaboration will allow companies of all sizes the opportunity to take advantage of their data driven technologically advanced HR services.

Hire Well Now employs a versatile applicant tracking system which promotes open jobs on various online job boards, behavioral assessments for critical positions, background checks, and an onboarding system which incorporates the necessary federal and state withholding forms, corporate new hire paperwork, and E-Verifies Federal Form I9.

The partnership will allow Hire Well Now so resell the full suite of services of Chequed.com to companies with fewer than 500 employees, including employee assessment, online reference checking, scorable interviewing, and talent-sourcing platforms powered by Chequed.com’s proprietary software, which is integrated with behavioral science to help companies match prospective employees both with essential job skills and their corporate culture.

The collaboration between Hire Well Now and Chequed.com unites two companies seeking to ease HR processes using data and technology.

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