Orion International Changes Name to Orion Talent, Expands Service Offerings

Rebrand Reflects Client Need for Total Talent Solutions as Employment Market Becomes More Complex and Demanding

Cary, NC – May 23, 2017 — Orion International, a provider of skilled talent acquisition, recruitment optimization and military hiring to businesses nationwide, announced today that the company will formally change its name to Orion Talent.

The name change reflects the company’s broadened commitment to provide clients with all of the resources and technology they need to successfully manage their talent management strategies amid rapidly changing economic and workforce environments. From comprehensive Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and targeted recruitment support services to project-based solutions and acquiring military talent, the company now offers a total range of talent solutions for key industries such as manufacturing, distribution, medical, energy, aerospace, engineering, semiconductor and technology.

Orion Talent was founded in 1991 as Orion International, with the mission to bring the energy, skills, and commitment abundant in military candidates to the greater marketplace. By 2007 it was the nation’s largest military recruitment firm. Now, after matching 40,000 Veterans with 7500+ employers, the company’s fundamental commitment to military recruiting remains its core, and an integral part of its growth strategy. In January of 2016, Orion Talent acquired award-winning RPO firm Novotus (now Orion Novotus) to add recruitment optimization and outsourcing capabilities to its skilled talent acquisition service offerings.

Rebrand Formalizes Shift in Corporate Strategy

“A continually changing business climate and the rapid advance of technology are just a few of the forces making business planning and subsequent talent management more difficult,” said Orion Talent CEO Mike Starich. “How organizations respond to these market drivers and the talent they have onboard play a key role in their future growth and success.”

Added Starich, “Our name change formalizes a strategic shift that has been in motion since our acquisition of Novotus in 2016 and more accurately reflects what we do today: help job seekers and businesses of all sizes meet the changing complexities and realities of today’s employment and talent market.”

“Today, we are seeing far too few businesses get the results they need from their sourcing, recruiting and staffing efforts,” said Cory Kruse, President of Orion Novotus, an Orion Talent company. “For us, it is all about business outcomes. Our number one objective is to ensure that our clients have the comprehensive resources they need to differentiate themselves and compete in their markets with outstanding talent. This means offering total talent solutions with performance metrics that matter most to their bottom-line success. Our new name reflects this unified approach.”

The Orion Talent brand will be implemented across the company’s online presence and social media throughout the year. To learn more visit the company online.

About Orion Talent

Headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, Orion Talent provides a total talent solution for businesses nationwide, including skilled talent acquisition, recruitment optimization and military hiring solutions. As a military recruiting leader for 25+ years, Orion Talent has a long history of supporting Veterans in their search for meaningful careers and has found employment for more than 40,000 Veterans. Orion Novotus, an Orion Talent company, provides a full range of recruitment optimization and consulting solutions. Orion Talent has offices nationwide, a dedicated team of 200-plus recruiting experts, and holds more than 400 hiring events each year. Visit www.oriontalent.com.

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