New Report: WilsonHCG Rates Employment Branding – 10/17

WilsonHCG, a top global recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and human capital consulting firm, has released the 2014’s Fortune 500 Top 100 Employment Brands report. This report is the first of its kind that evaluates the employment brands of all Fortune 500 companies.

“The economic impact of employment branding can’t be ignored, and especially as the global talent shortage increases, organizations must have an employment branding strategy in place to attract and retain top talent,” CEO John Wilson says. “It’s no surprise that the top 10 companies ranked on this employment brand report are among the top-performing organizations in the world.”

The report analyzes employment branding data collected and names both organizations and industries leading the employment branding movement. The top 100 Fortune 500 companies were ranked based on a point system that evaluates categories including career page, job boards, employee reviews and candidate experience, corporate social responsibility, accolades and recruitment marketing. In addition to ranking the Fortune 500 companies with the best employment brands, the report provides insight into what organizations can do to improve their employment brand and become a best-in-class employer.

Findings of the report coupled with the current state of employment allow us to better predict and prepare for upcoming workforce trends and changes. While the economy may be improving, the skills shortage continues to present a challenge for employers. Finding qualified talent has become more of a struggle than ever; by implementing an effective and comprehensive employment branding strategy, companies can strive to become and remain an employer of choice in the market.

The top 10 employment brands revealed in the report include Google, GE, Qualcomm, Walt Disney, Goldman Sachs, General Mills, USAA, Starbucks, Johnson & Johnson and Whole Foods Market. To read the entire report and view the methodology used for evaluation, click here: www.WilsonHCG.com/EBreport.

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