Editor’s Note: New Beginnings

By Debbie Bolla

Welcome to the inaugural issue of HRO Today EMEA! Our goal is to provide you the latest trends in human capital management for the EMEA region. And how are we going to do this?

Let me introduce you to our Editor-at-Large, Simon Kent.

Simon Kent

Kent is a freelance writer and editor based in the United Kingdom. He has written extensively on HR, recruiting, and employing people from practically every perspective: training, career progression, technology, recruitment, and more. He has written books, white papers, speeches, and B2B film scripts. He is also editor of The Global Recruiter magazine.

Kent is going to offer our readers a very valuable local perspective that the magazine has been lacking in the past. In just this issue alone, Kent touches on trends having a major impact in EMEA: recruiting for soft skills, preparing for Brexit, and implementing diversity and inclusion practices.

HRO Today EMEA will continue to provide readers with our industry-leading Baker’s Dozen rankings. To find out this year’s top mobility service providers, click here.

This move to a new format was largely based on feedback from you -so please let us know what you think!

Tags: EMEA March April 2019

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