Maritz Motivation Solutions Introduces the Engagement Potential Index

ST. LOUIS, MO., Aug. 17, 2017 – Maritz Motivation Solutions has launched the Engagement Potential Index (EPI), a new and innovative assessment for executives and HR practitioners to measure their company’s current culture and engagement potential against industry benchmarks. The EPI is a tool to understand your culture and identify areas for improvement; develop a tailored roadmap for the success of engagement programs; and benchmark and assess progress within your company.

“Employee engagement is a recognized key performance indicator of thriving organizations. Unfortunately, global employee engagement is at an alarming low rate, costing employers millions of dollars. We designed the EPI as an innovative assessment that gives you the information you need to understand how your culture is wired to boost employee connection and commitment,” said Kimberly Lanier, vice president of employee engagement at Maritz Motivation Solutions.

The free online assessment can be accessed at www.maritzmotivation.com/EPI. Maritz analyzes the responses on engagement and culture factors against other organizations, and then produces a custom report. You receive your EPI score, which demonstrates the extent to which your company is likely to realize returns on employee engagement investments, as well as details on how you stack up against industry benchmarks and personalized recommendations to improve your score over time.

The EPI is based on the Maritz CultureNext Global Employment Engagement Model, developed in partnership with the Employee Engagement Awards. The model crowdsourced input from HR practitioners and senior leaders around the world, and incorporated academic input from global experts in engagement. As a result of this collaboration, the model identified seven engagement “enablers” that are specific influencers on the employee’s experience within an organization. These are:

· Purpose (Why we exist)

· Work design (How we work)

· Social system (Inclusion and connections)

· Personal growth (Realizing potential)

· Contribution awareness (Appreciation for effort and achievement)

· Advocacy (Taking action to support or recommend)

· Wellbeing (Being comfortable, healthy and happy)

“To build the CultureNext employee engagement model, Maritz worked together with leading academics to build comprehensive insights from academic research. This provides a model of how industry leaders can bridge the gap between academic theory and leadership practice,” said Ashley Whillans, assistant professor, Harvard Business School.

The benchmarks applied in EPI analysis and reports are based on Maritz’s 2016 study of more than 2,000 companies in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The EPI benchmarks on the scores and variables are updated regularly.

“The EPI draws from best practices based on our work with hundreds of organizations. It provides a way for you to gauge the effectiveness of your company culture, which is the main mechanism to set and maintain the expectations of your employees across key engagement drivers, including performance, rewards, trust, loyalty and relationships. The EPI allows you to measure the culture of your organization, while providing tailored recommendations to improve your overall quality level,” said Chris Winkelspecht, director of strategic services with Maritz Motivation Solutions.

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