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Members of an association often focus on the basics, simply join to show engagement within an industry group, or to post their membership on their LinkedIn profile or resume. But association members should understand the big picture -the core principles and fundamentals that unite and benefit everyone. When members of an association understand how the daily activities and committees can align with their organization’s purpose, values, and goals, the work becomes more impactful. And when members see the association from this broad perspective, they focus on results that make a difference. To gain a big-picture view of our global HR association, look at the “why”, “how” and “what.”
The ‘Why’The “why” of an association defines its purpose. We exist to make a difference and provide services and products that positively impact the HR industry. By joining of one of our three work committees, individuals can make a difference and be part of meaningful work and outputs. Committees create tools and resources, such as a global talent acquisition hiring metrics report, RFP library, KPI toolkit, and provide input on key industry information, such as the Baker’s Dozen reports. Our monthly Thought Leadership Council (TLC) webinars provide development and learning opportunities from industry leaders, who discuss a variety of topics within talent acquisition, talent management, employee relations and services, and outsourcing. Our member newsletter and website keep members informed of current events, industry trends, best practices and people and companies to watch. Our member directory enables networking through connections with like-minded individuals to best- and next- practice share.

The ‘How’

The “how” is the collection of values that inspire and guide behavior -the association’s guiding principles. These principles form our competitive advantage. We engage members in an open forum for development (TLCs), pulse discussions on industry trends, and member panels. We provide opportunities to assume leadership positions within the association, i.e., work groups, committee leaders and board-of-advisor roles. Ownership for all contributors and the ability to have autonomy when participating in decision-making discussions and work groups is important to us. Recognition of success is also important for us to share, as is evident through our annual Association HR Awards program, member and company spotlights, and one on one interview.

The ‘What’

The final ingredient of the big picture is the “what” of the association: its vision and goals. A clear picture of the vision and goals establishes desired results. We understand what actions will support the health of our association. Through our 2017 program of work plan, we provide quantifiable measures to gauge results. By understanding the association goals, members can create individual objectives to ensure that they are maximizing their membership, engaging in activities important to them and creating opportunities unique to their personal and professional development to ensure they make a difference through their work.

When members have a passion for these components, they see the big picture and fully utilize the advantages of their association membership.

For more information about the HRO Today Services and Technology Association, a global group of HR executives, thought leaders and experts, please visit our website, www.hrotoday.com/association or contact me directly at 386-366-1288.

D. Zachary Misko
VP and Global Executive Director
Tags: april-2017

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