HRO Today Research Confirms Common Sense

By Elliot Clark

It is always a great relief when one of our research reports is met by a chorus of: well that makes sense. We do many custom research reports per year. In fact, in the past year, we have generated more than 1,700 downloads of our reports. Most of our research is aimed at strategic-level human resources and talent acquisition or organizational development professionals. Two of our recent reports showed the stunning revelation that the world -fl awed as it is -actually does make sense.

The first report was one instigated by us. WilsonHCG (www.wilsonhcg) was rated as the top quality provider on a raw score basis on our 2014 HRO Today Baker’s Dozen RPO Customer Satisfaction Study. We wanted to know what they were doing differently than other providers to rank at the top of many key, quality-of-service survey items. We asked them to give us a grant to study this phenomenon and are grateful for their support. We studied the general market and compared them to WilsonHCG’s clients. We found consistency with both groups. The WilsonHCG clients weren’t easy going. In fact, there was no discernible difference in what they expected. What we did find was that a “quality outcome” is about both the provider and the CLIENT!!!

What do I mean by this? To be a quality provider, you have to be responsive, innovative, and be leveraging technology, metrics, and reporting effectively to communicate with your customer. One finding that was probably most interesting was that clients who had a bad outcome were also those who did not rank cultural fi t as important criteria for picking a vendor. When clients overlook whether they can effectively work and collaborate with a company during the tough periods of a large-scale program, they will likely experience a bad outcome. Picking cost over cultural fit will cause headaches. Providers should avoid clients that do not “relate” well and clients should consider this important dimension when picking a partner. More findings from the report can be found on our website (https://www.hrotoday.com/ market-intelligence/research/exactly-what-does-quality-mean-in-the-rpo-space-2/), and I would like to once again thank WilsonHCG for their support.

All of these findings make sense -and we are just happy to support the logic with data.

Happy Holidays to all from the staff of HRO Today and SharedXpertise!

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