HRO STA Update: Change Brings Opportunity

By D. Zachary Misko

Change was in the air last year, as it was a time for us to review and rebuild our association. After asking for input from our members, it was clear that we had not only opportunity, but a group of HR professionals who truly know what they want!

So the HRO Today Services and Technology Association team went to work and I am very pleased with the results, which include:

• A members-only portal to access content, research and industry information

• Monthly educational thought leadership councils (TLCs)

• Personal and company profi le pages to enhance networking

• 2016 Global Talent Acquisition Metrics Research study

I also recognized the need to provide an opportunity for all of our members to get more involved in the association and I am pleased to announce the following three new committees: Member Services; Professional Development and Programming; and Standards and Practices. Details on the committees’ offerings are below:

1) Member Services

a. Social networking

b. Newsletter

c. Website

d. Membership (new, prospective, orientation)

2) Professional Development and Programming

a. Networking opportunities/events

b. Certification

c. Events (HRO Today Forums, award programs)

d. TLCs (a subcommittee for each TLC will also be created to drive topics within each of the four vertical groups)

e. Partnerships

3) Standards and Practices

a. Focus groups (Baker’s Dozen and others as determined)

b. Research

c. Content

d. Pulse Discussions

As membership continues to grow, these committees will ensure that we can better sustain momentum on membership activities and outputs, as well as provide additional roles to engage, lead and learn. The committees will meet monthly and more information can be found on our website, www.hrotoday.com/association.

Each committee will be led by a chair or co-chairs, with membership open to all members. The committees will provide all of our members the opportunity to become more engaged in the association and help us focus on our strategic initiatives for the year.

There’s no easy way to transform an association into more productive or valuable organization. It takes hard work and dedicated members and we are off to a great start in 2016!

D. Zachary Misko
VP and Global Executive Director

Tags: March-2016

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