Gig Work on the Rise in India

The gig work trend first witnessed at the height of the pandemic is still going strong.

By Zee Johnson

The demand for gig work in India has increased by 66% in June for fintech and e-commerce companies, as according to Taskmo’s Gig Index, India’s largest platform that connects gig workers to job opportunities.

The index revealed that as companies prepare for festive season, which takes place from November to early January, around 5 lakh gig (500,000) tasks were offered during June 2022 in preparation for the busy period, compared to 3 lakh gig tasks in May.

“Typically, June is a period when merchandising companies gear up for the festive season demand,” Taskmo’s Co-founder, Prashant Janadri, said in a statement to India Times. “However, since this year, the market has rebounded from two years of COVID-19 setbacks, with that, we observed a tremendous seasonal hiring demand. Specifically, around the festive sales season, plenty of direct and indirect gig job opportunities are coming from multiple e-commerce platforms,” he said.

Roles like pickers, packers, sorters, customer support, and field sales executives witnessed the largest increases from companies like Epay, Amazon Pay, Amazon, and Flipkart, all of whom had the most available opportunities. Other tech-based companies, like those in the foodtech and healthtec saw increases too, thanks in large part to the pandemic shutdowns. And this growth is expected to remain on a steady uptick.

Whist Tier 1 cities like Delhi (8.3%), Chennai (8.3%), Hyderabad (2.6%), and Mumbai (2.5%) experienced moderate jumps, Tier II cities did not fall behind far behind. In fact, they outpaced Tier 1’s. Here’s who saw the largest gains.

  • Mysore (23%)
  • Bengaluru (16%)
  • Kanpur (14%)
  • Lucknow (13.3%)
  • Bhopal (13.3%)
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