General Electric, Johnson & Johnson Earn Top Spot for Best-in-Class Employment Branding

TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — WilsonHCG, a global talent solutions leader, today unveiled its 2017 Top 100 Employment Brands Report, an annual evaluation and ranking of Fortune 500 companies according to how well they brand themselves to potential employees. Of the hundreds of companies analyzed, General Electric and Johnson & Johnson scored highest based on six key employment branding indicators.

“As the global talent wars continue to heat up and competition for hiring is fierce, it’s critical for organizations to invest in employment branding to attract new employees. Yet for many, this is easier said than done. In fact, a recent Conference Board survey revealed that retention, finding the next generation of leaders, and attracting top talent are the top concerns for U.S. CEOs,” said John Wilson, CEO of WilsonHCG. “The companies that will win at attracting and retaining employees are those that build a great employment brand, and the organizations that ranked highest in our report demonstrate the type of participation, engagement and transparency that’s required to stand out as a top employer in today’s competitive job market.”

This year’s Top 100 Employment Brands Report saw a number of repeat companies in the Top Ten, demonstrating a continued commitment to branding efforts, as well as some newcomers that rose quickly through the ranks from previous years. The Top Ten employment brands for 2017 include: General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, General Mills, 3M, Goldman Sachs, General Motors, Procter & Gamble, CDW, Cisco Systems, Hilton Worldwide, and Salesforce.com.

Other key findings from the report include:

Consistency in Excellence: There was an evolution to the scoring criteria since 2015, including placing greater emphasis on career pages and recruitment marketing as well as adding new scoring categories, Johnson & Johnson, General Mills and Goldman Sachs all hung onto their Top Ten rankings for a third time.

Big Gaps: The top 100 on the list performed almost two times better than the bottom 100. In fact, the top 100 scored more than 10 times better than the bottom 100 in the accolades category, and almost five times better in recruitment marketing. The leaders also scored 225 percent better in the Corporate Social Responsibility category, which is of growing importance to today’s employees, and they outranked the bottom 100 on career pages, job boards, employee reviews and candidate experience. Additionally, Fortune 500 companies with a top 10 employment brand ranking had combined revenues four times greater than organizations ranked in the bottom 10.

Biggest Jump: MassMutual Financial Group rose 36 points in the Employment Brand report compared to the prior year, moving to rank at 99 from 472 in the prior report.

The WilsonHCG 2017 Top 100 Employment Brands Report ranks Fortune 500 companies based on a points system that evaluates key criteria including career pages, job boards, employee reviews and candidate engagement, accolades, recruitment marketing and corporate social responsibility. Companies can earn up to 100 points, with greater weight given to key areas of importance in employer branding, such as employee reviews and candidate engagement due to its influence and significance in the recruitment journey.


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