Editor’s Note: The Go

By Simon Kent

It may not have escaped your notice, but from where I’m sitting in the UK, we’ve been having a bit of a time with our government. A certain high-flying leader has been treating the rule book rather callously, changing his approach whenever it suits him; and now, he has finally agreed to resign.

In this issue of HRO Today EMEA, there are themes which tie in neatly with Boris Johnson and indeed the Conservative Party’s plight. In the closing days of Johnson’s premiership, a record number of ministers and government aides resigned. An event, which if repeated in any organisation, would cause consternation and soul-searching: Is there something fundamentally wrong with this organisation?

Secondly, there is the question of speed to hire. In the wake of Johnson’s departure, there has been a flurry of activity and discussion as to whether the party can elect a new leader-and therefore a new Prime Minister-faster than usual. In our cover story Think Fast, we discover there is a balance to be struck between getting a new hire in place and ensuring they are the right person for the job. Let’s hope this balance is acknowledged by the current party in power and that the wrong person doesn’t end up in the top job simply because it’s better to have someone there who isn’t a ‘caretaker.’

Finally, we explore data-led decision-making. In the wild world of politics, data informs campaigns, policy, taxes and more-one way or another. Of course, it’s critical that the data is correct in the first place, and indeed that HR can ask the right questions. Without care and attention in that respect, it is sadly unlikely that the situation will improve and that history will sadly keep repeating itself. HR leaders, remember these lessons!

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