Editor’s Note: The Ball Keeps Rolling

New year, new challenges: HR continues to showcase why it is one of an organisation’s most pertinent departments.

If HR was hoping that the new year might bring a little respite from the challenges of recent years, it is most certainly time to think again. The worst of the pandemic may be over, but there are still issues to be dealt with. As business practices continue to evolve, there are new challenges emerging which will take HR’s time, resources, and energy.

In this issue of HRO Today EMEA, we highlight a few of these challenges. We’ve asked a number of HR professionals what’s on their list of immediate concerns for the year and we’ve delved in both the ongoing challenges of supporting a healthy and happy workforce, and how compliance issues are likely to play out for HR this year and beyond.

There are undoubtedly new factors to deal with here. It may feel that discussions around fallout from the pandemic and the rise of the hybrid workplace have gone on for a long time, but the issues remain important and getting the right response and management structures in place will make the difference between a strong, committed workforce and one which presents more issues that HR needs to resolve.

HR is still the beating heart of an organisation – it is the place where the most important business resource is brought into the organisation and looked after. HR professionals should not underplay this or underestimate the importance of the work they do. As such, we wish you all a successful new year and will continue to provide you with the information, resources, ideas, and recognition you all deserve.

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