Editor’s Note: Reality Bites

By Simon Kent

Despite the pandemic, some HR issues never really went away. Working from
home and creating the emerging hybrid workforce are certainly HR-led issues,
but they do not mask the underlying need of an organisation to find, nurture,
and retain the best talent for their business. It is interesting to see that at this
point in the emergence from COVID-19, companies are again addressing the
need to attract, develop, and support a diverse workforce. They are still trying
to build one that will bring business goals forward and give them an edge as
companies try to make the most of the opportunities which now exist.

In this issue of HRO Today EMEA, we hear from the HR frontline as diversity
initiatives take on centre stage. And as companies attract great talent, they
need to nurture it too, so we examine the delivery of effective wellbeing
programmes -an absolute must for employees to feel confident enough to
deliver their best. Hybrid and remote workforces have diverse requirements
from this provision and ensuring everyone has equal and effective access to
the resources is critical.

What emerges from the articles this month is the importance of HR to listen.
HR leaders need to listen to the needs of their organization; listen to the
experience of candidates and potential candidates; and listen to new and
existing employees. By understanding what people are going through,
what they think they need, and by understanding the reasons for their
experience, the HR function can help create and support a great place to
work. The pandemic has most certainly put everyone under pressure and
stress, delivering challenges many thought they would never face. But even
if the pandemic is less of an issue, HR must continue to be sympathetic and
supportive to the real assets of a business: the people who make things

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