Editor’s Note: Award-worthy

We are entering our awards season here at HRO Today. It has become a tradition for us to honor and recognize the great work of leading chief HR officers at the HRO Today Awards Gala at the HRO Today Forum in Chicago. As Associate Editor Christa Elliott explains in our cover story, Driving Business Strategy on page 14, CHROs are change-makers who drive workforce innovation through engagement, retention, and cost-saving initiatives.

From navigating mergers and divestitures to reenvisioning benefits offerings and the performance management process, we provide a snapshot of the innovative approaches of the 21 finalists. Their achievements have produced some impressive results:

• employee engagement levels increasing from 60 to 87 percent;

• annual cost saving of $13 million;

• 50 percent decrease in attrition; and

• near gender parity (45 percent) in leadership roles.

On page 25, we provide a glimpse into the accomplishments of our Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Award finalists. As the business environment becomes markedly more competitive, organizations understand the importance of their talent. And who is tasked with finding those top candidates? It falls on the shoulders of talent acquisition leaders. That is why our finalists have built attraction strategies that:

• leverage employer brand;

• optimize career and LinkedIn pages;

• incentivize employee referral programs;

• align employee value proposition with corporate brand; and

• promote company culture through social media channels.

This issue also highlights tech innovators with our roundup of the 2017 TekTonic Award finalists. Looking to streamline background screening? Want to empower employees through onboarding? Cut back interviewing time? Learn about technologies that can help you do all of these things and more on page 30.

To find out the winners of these annual recognitions, join us in Chicago at the HRO Today Forum, May 1-3. Our celebration will certainly be worthy of these accomplishments.

Debbie Bolla
Editorial Director

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