Editor’s Letter: Recognising Greatness

By Belinda Sharr

Everyone likes to be acknowledged for their accomplishments. Studies have showed that recognition improves employees’ morale, retention, Hand engagement. No matter where workers are in the world, hearing a “good job” from their boss is motivating and encouraging.

In our article on recognition trends, Russ Banham discusses what is going on in the area of recognition today. Top trends include rewarding efforts and achievements with prizes or cash; celebrating career milestones; offering hobby-based awards; or offering the tried and true recognition triumphs: raises and promotions.

Technology can also play a role in employee recognition.

Companies can create a personal “wall” on a corporate website that contains notes and pictures commemorating employees’ achievements. Similarly, they can use social media as a tool for recognition which drives employee engagement. Tweeting a shout-out or making someone employee of the month in a post on Facebook are little ways to show that employers care.

Findings from Globoforce’s WorkHuman Research Institute show a direct correlation between recognition and engagement: 82 per cent of employees said being recognised made them feel more engaged; 79 per cent said they work harder when recognised; with an additional 78 per cent citing increased productivity.

We at HRO Today Global encourage our readers to offer their excellent employees recognition for their efforts. A small pat on the back can go a long way in establishing a friendly and professional relationship, resulting in increased employee engagement and meeting company goals.

Speaking of awards, in this issue we reveal the winners of the HRO Today APAC Forum Awards. These HR professionals and companies are recognised as purpose-driven leaders in the industry, and we hope this recognition will continue to inspire them to keep working toward their goals.

We would like to congratulate the below winners on their outstanding achievements!

Thought Leadership Award: Wendy Tan, Founding Partner, Flame Centre

Excellence in Business Partnership: HCL Infosystems and PeopleStrong

Recruitment Team of the Year: Manulife

Excellence in Engagement Strategy: Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore Government

Innovation in HR Technology: Neeyamo Enterprise Solutions

If you have a unique recognition programme, please share it with us! We are always interested in how our readers are applying HR strategies to their successful organisations. Email me at Belinda.Sharr@Sharedxpertise.com or tweet me ©BelindaSharr.

Belinda Sharr

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