Editor’s Letter: Eye on APAC

Talent: It’s on the mind on nearly every HR professional no matter the region and it’s certainly making a large impact in Asia Pacific (APAC). According to a Harvey Nash Human Resources Survey, the pressure is on HR to retain and develop talent in 2017. Priorities of employee retention and motivation grew by 6 per cent; culture development by 4 per cent; and leadership capabilities increasing by 16 per cent.

That’s a main reason that HRO Today Global wanted to produce a special issue for APAC leaders to use as a resource when developing talent plans. Do you have authentic employer branding messaging? When recruiting, do you consider the cultural fit of the candidates? Have you offered a career development programme during the first six month of hire? Did you know the third most important career goal to Asian millennials is being dedicated to a cause -how does your organisation support that? Learn more about how these strategic attraction and retention approaches are making difference, with our trends story, Talent Grabbers, on page 6.

With 65 per cent of HR professionals predicting recruitment challenges in the next two years, according to Harvey Nash research, HR leaders in APAC should consider the value of boomerang employees. It’s those top performers who left perhaps to gain additional skills and are now ready to return to apply that experience in a different role. “Former employees have a huge advantage should they choose to return, in that they know the culture of the organisation, the people, and are able to quickly navigate a complex environment,” finds Jeremy Broome, head of HR for Asia Pacific at Deutsche Bank.

And many leaders agree. In fact, research from Kronos Inc. and WorkplaceTrends.com finds that 76 per cent of HR professionals say they are more accepting of rehiring employees than in the past. Learn how to bring this strategy to your organisation in Back For More on page 10.

Another type of talent that is becoming more common is freelancers, with 45 per cent of HRO Today survey respondents anticipating the use of freelancers increasing in the next 24 months. Find out the roles freelancers fill, where to source them, and the factors that attract them in Forget Full Time on page 13.

We hope this special issue helps you with all your talent challenges.

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