Askable Launches ‘Sentiment Analysis’ For Its Employee Experience Platform

Vancouver, BC (Newsworthy.ai) Thursday Oct 6, 2022 @ 7:00 AM Pacific —

Askable, a provider of employee experience SaaS products, announces Sentiment Scorecards, the newest feature to its community software that helps companies supercharge engagement and voice of employee programs.

Sentiment Scorecards use artificial intelligence and machine learning sentiment analysis to offer a new way for HR and corporate leaders to measure and monitor organizational culture over time, making it faster and easier to take action on the voice of employee insights.

“Creating and sustaining a thriving organizational culture in today’s remote work environment is a big challenge for companies. With trends like quiet quitting and global employee engagement still below pre-pandemic levels, HR teams require tools that help not only engage their workforce, but also measure impact, uncover hidden issues in real-time, and discover what matters to employees,” said Vitoria Martins, Head of Customer Success at Askable. “Sentiment Scorecards tap into the conversations employees are already having on Askable and provide leadership with the insights needed to take action quickly; before opportunities become problems.”

Unlike most voice-of-employee tools which rely on surveys (or a pull model), Askable’s employee community platform uses an ‘ask me anything’ model which puts organizational leaders in the hot seat and empowers employees to ask questions. With optional anonymity and moderation controls, Askable provides a safe space for employees to surface the topics and ideas that matter to them while allowing leaders to demonstrate transparency and build trust.

Sentiment Scorecards add multidimensional benefits to Askable’s community platform that help companies connect the dots on employee experience:

  • Accurate Natural Language Processing using leading artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • North Star metrics based on total overall sentiment across Askable forums
  • Sentiment and magnitude score tracking over time to identify trends and opportunities for intervention
  • Easy one-click setup to enable Sentiment Scorecards
  • Granular per forum setup

Sentiment Scorecards will be available starting October 6, 2022, on Askable’s premium plans. For more information on Sentiment Scorecards and Askable, visit https://askable.app.

About Askable

Askable is changing the way companies engage and listen to employees. Our unique employee community software flips the script on employee engagement by putting employees in the driver’s seat of the voice of employee programs. With a unique Q&A format, Askable’s community tools help HR teams and corporate leaders go beyond surveys and tap into the pulse of their organizations.

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