HROT STA Global Executive Director’s Letter: Another Successful Year

Over the last year, while working with our Board of Advisors and members, the SharedXpertise team has accomplished a lot and had much to celebrate.

I am inspired by the opportunity to engage, work with, and know the outstanding group of practitioners, providers, thought leaders, analysts, and industry experts that make up our association membership. I am also inspired by our growth in membership engagement. For example, our monthly Thought Leadership Councils, or “TLCs”, continue to attract a large audience to discuss best practices, issues, and ideas in talent acquisition, talent management, employee relations & services, and outsourcing. These live discussions are held the second week of each month, and our on demand viewership is up 40 percent. The TLCs were launched just a year ago in North America and Europe, and I am pleased to announce that we have engaged more than 5,000 people through them to date!

The APAC TLCs were also launched last year and will reach their one-year anniversary in May. I am motivated by the amount of networking and best-practice-sharing happening within the association, whether it is oneon- one through connections made through our new online directory and pro le pages or by posting content to our website. I am also pleased with the leadership and support of our Global Board of Advisors, which supports and drives excellence within the APAC, EMEA, and North America regions (https://www.hrotoday.com/ association/global-board-of-advisors/).

I look forward to continuing this great momentum that we’ve built in 2016. I’m so proud of the focus on serving our industry through evaluating and setting industry standards and practices, the launch of our recertification credit program for select TLCs and event sessions, and the ways we continued to serve our members’ needs in achieving their HR services and technology goals through networking, best-practice-sharing, and providing useful tools to meet the demands of today’s workforce.

Stay tuned for more great content, resources, and programming as we initiate our strategic plans for the coming year. HRO Today Services and Technology Association membership puts you in the community that serves to improve the businesses of HR for individuals, their companies, and the industry as a whole. Become a member and join us today!

Happy 2016 and best wishes for a successful, healthy, and happy year ahead!

D. Zachary Misko
VP-Global Executive Director

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