Editor’s Note: Adapt and Innovate

New approaches and ideas are the lifeblood of organisations. The ability to adapt, innovate, and grow opens the door to new markets, products, services, and revenue streams.

Being innovative and open to new ideas in HR also delivers rewards. A new approach to finding talent can result in the business recruiting valuable people who weren’t previously on the radar. A different way of working can enhance productivity or retention, saving money and driving better value from existing people resources. Finding new ways to record and measure impact can lead to specific initiatives being given more resources, more priority, and consequently, delivering more for the business.

In this issue, we take a new look at three ideas: skills-led HR, the location of work, and HR data. In each case there is an opportunity for HR to take a new look at these areas, to reexamine their approach, check they are being handled appropriately for the business, and see whether practice can be enhanced to better deliver for their businesses.

Sometimes innovation can seem strange—a company with no job titles—but there may be the gem of an idea here that starts the ball rolling and brings the business forward to meet new challenges and achieve more.

Simon Kent

Tags: EMEA September/October 2023

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