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TELUS Health’s Mental Health Index Reveals Correlation of Mental Health to Physical Well-being and Access to Adequate Health Care

Special report on physical health shows eight percent of U.S. workers have physical health concerns.

CHICAGO, May 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TELUS health (formerly LifeWorks), a global leader in employee health, today released a special report on physical wellbeing as part of its Mental Health Index, revealing that eight percent of workers in the U.S. report a decline in their physical health or face significant physical health challenges, and that these groups have a mental health score 25 points below the national average.

The Index found that workers in the U.S. continue to demonstrate strained mental health but with some signs of improvement.

  • The overall Mental Health Index score in the United States for April 2023 is 71.0 points out of 100, just off March’s score of 71.2, and up from February’s score of 69.8.

Mental health links to physical health

  • Eight percent of workers have some physical health issue that interferes with work; the mental health score of this group is nearly 16 points lower than the national average.
  • The 13 percent of workers who say their employer is aware of their physical health issue but is never helpful have a mental health score of 52.9, which is 18 points below the national average.
  • Workers who report they are in good physical health have a mental health score of 81.8, almost 12 points above the national average.

Workers suffer from lack of access to affordable care

  • More than half of the eight percent of workers who are dissatisfied with the availability of health care fault the cost of care and have mental health scores 22 points below the national average.
  • Personal finances exemplify the connection of health care expenses to mental health. Mental health scores improve as income increases, gradually shifting from 60.9 for household incomes of $30,000 up to 78.6 for household incomes above $150,000.

Comments from TELUS Health Chief Growth Officer, Juggy Sihota
“Overall wellbeing is the catalyst for healthy, successful individuals at work and beyond. Organizations that prioritize mental and physical wellbeing through comprehensive programs and resources empower their workers to stay healthy and perform at their best. An employee who is well supported is better able to contribute at their work, within their community as well as devote time and energy to family members. By cultivating a culture where everyone feels supported and knows they can ask for help and then get it, organizations are also able to retain talent and grow their business.”

Comments from TELUS Health Global Leader, Business & Client Insights, Paula Allen
“Our analyses consistently show that mental health is a top driver in overall health, wellbeing and work productivity. The current data also shows an interactive effect between physical and mental wellbeing. It also demonstrates that access to employer-led health care and support makes a significant difference to workers and their productivity – a value that employers should consider when educating employees about their HR programs and services.”

The full U.S. Mental Health Index report can be found here. This month’s special edition report includes additional insights on the mental and physical benefits of exercise and more.

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