Talent Acquisition

Searching Global Markets

New research reveals international talent patterns and recruitment needs.

By the Editors

One of the biggest challenges that HR professionals face is the recruitment of high-quality talent in the face of a recovering global recession, increasing talent shortages, and an ever-changing employment landscape. It is becoming more and more difficult to find the best-fit talent that is needed to fill important and highly specialized roles. In order to adapt to these new challenges, many organizations are turning to untapped talent pools that lie in global markets. This strategy provides an opportunity for companies to benefit from international economic and population growth while simultaneously strengthening their global brand.

In order to explore international labor markets, organizations must first consult global labor market data. To fulfill this need, PeopleScout has partnered with HRO Today to produce ongoing reports that compile current international labor market figures, including measures like national gross domestic product (GDP) and unemployment rates over time, from countries across the globe. Such measures reveal critical information about the state of the talent pool, working conditions, and recruitment needs of various countries and regions. This data is essential in predicting fruitful locations for expansion and recruitment, and thereby allows multinational companies to stay competitive in talent acquisition.

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