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Accelerating the Recruitment Process

Honeywell leveraged data and analytics to increase efficiency and fill rates.

By Maggie Mancini

Over the last several years, Honeywell has faced difficulties in filling roles quickly and efficiently. Talent could not be placed fast enough to execute against client contracts, which was costing Honeywell business and having a negative impact on the entire company.  

In partnership with Korn Ferry, Honeywell leveraged data and analytics to examine where cycle time could be accelerated. Honeywell’s talent acquisition leaders were able to incorporate feedback within 48 hours of candidate contact and create weekly action calls for team solutioning. This took the time to slate candidates from 21 days to seven days and offer approvals from five days to two days. This was a sustainable change for the business, reducing time to fill by 22 days across North America.  

The company’s vacancy rate, measured from the time a role is vacant to the time that it’s filled, is included in all employee goals, meaning that urgency is a top priority. Conducting daily operations reviews, searching for automation solutions, sharing data, committing to weekly reviews, and creating weekly data summaries enables the company to find active solutions to problems.  

For Korn Ferry, operations reviews are a critical part of sustaining the momentum and ensuring continued success. Korn Ferry’s “Nimble” technology, a chatbot-enabled solution, accelerates and automates the recruitment process from first candidate contact through a job offer, speeding time to fill for roles by around 60%. The partnership to roll out this technology will accelerate more than 2,000 roles in North America, improving performance for Honeywell’s talent acquisition team.  

Honeywell and Korn Ferry won the HRO Today Association’s award for Business Partnership Excellence.  

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