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Oryel Partners with Humanic Design to Target Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Raleigh, NC-based Oryel, Inc, a human capital management company, and Humanic Design Inc. of Mahwah, NJ, a payroll and HR solutions provider, have partnered to target small and mid-sized businesses with their offering of smart, customizable, and integrated web-based software tools that allow employers to quickly see, analyze, and manage their employee data.

“We were looking for just the right partner to introduce Humanic to small and mid-market businesses,” said Steve Brander, Humanic’s director of sales and marketing. “We wanted a company with proven experience in the HR and payroll space as well as a no-nonsense approach to delivering solutions. And of course, we also wanted a partner that really liked our software. Oryel fits the bill on every count.”

Oryel HRMS makes it possible for businesses to access and manage hire to retire personnel data, including payroll, HR, and benefits, with the click of a mouse while providing their employees and managers with self-service options.

Humanic is part of the Gores Technology Group, which has 100 offices in 40 countries and 15 million users worldwide. Since 1982, Humanic has worked with hundreds of organizations on complex HR and payroll challenges

Partnering with Humanic allows Oryel to customize its offerings to all small and mid-sized work environments. Business owners will choose from a myriad of payroll and non-payroll options, subscribing only to those technology modules that make sense for the way they track and manage employees. Delivered in a hosted ASP application, Humanic modules are built using the latest state-of-the-art Oracle relational database and development tools and are totally supported by Humanic and Oryel.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the technology, and there has been instant camaraderie between our two organizations, with good feelings from the start,” said Oryel President Scott Secor. “We feel confident that we have chosen an excellent business partner and, as a Humanic value-added reseller, we are eager to extend the proven value of its technology to small and mid-sized businesses.”

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