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Human Resources Goes Mobile: Highlighting Top HR Apps

 As with many enterprise sectors, today’s anytime-anywhere mobile access is changing the game for HR.

By Kyle Lagunas
HR technology developers have hit the ground running to bring new solutions for hiring, managing and tracking HR to the mobile market. The majority of HR mobile tools currently available on the market are focused on acquiring and managing talent, though a new layer of analytics applications are cropping up allowing users to dive into data on the go. While some apps are available as standalone products on the Android Market or iTunes App Store, many SaaS providers have mobile versions of their web applications created specifically for use on mobile devices.

The mobile HR technology market is growing rapidly, so there are new solutions emerging all the time. But based on functionality, ease of use, and downright coolness, a few stand out to us. So, here are a few of the HR mobile applications that we liked best.
Acquiring Talent
Kenexa 2x Mobile helps hiring managers to approve job requisitions and hiring on the go. It links with Kenexa’s cloud-based 2x Recruit applicant tracking solution, enabling all information to be automatically captured and updated in real time. The application focuses specifically on key hiring tasks, and syncs with Kenexa’s SaaS-based applicant tracking system. Therefore, hiring managers can execute the most basic actions needed to move the hiring process along. Its straightforward design offers an intuitive interface for hiring managers who are constantly on the move, making it easy for them to communicate with the HR team wherever they are. The app is free, but users must have a Kenexa license.

Jobvite is the candidate sourcing solution everyone is talking about. This application takes a new approach to making referrals, promoting open positions and finding qualified candidates. Jobvite leverages social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – enabling users to send job invitations (or Jobvites) to members of their networks. For those preferring the old-school way of recruiting, Jobvites can also be sent via email. This handy little tool enables recruiters and HR staff to track jobs and the sources of referrals. So finding the most coveted job applicants – and building a relationship with them – has never been easier. The mobile site is accessible anywhere, but you need a Jobvite subscription to plug in.

Aquire InSight is a SaaS-based analytics suite that uses your existing data to analyze your organizational hierarchy and the trends within it. With trend analyses, talent management measurements, and scorecard metrics, HR executives can run powerful analytics to assess their progress against stated goals. Users can create charts and reports that are easily linked and distributed via Microsoft Office, making it easier for managers to visualize workforce trends and take action on them. Managing an organization’s promotions, transfers, terminations, new hires and workforce initiatives is no small feat, and one of the best features of Insight is that subscribing organizations have access to one of Aquire’s dedicated workforce analysts. With its mobile site, users have the full power of this system at their disposal anytime, anywhere — but access is limited to users with Aquire InSight subscriptions.
Managing Talent
Vortex’s Mobile Manager Connect is a SaaS-based solution that allows users to effectively manage staffing needs on the go. With the application, you can review, edit and approve submitted time cards, violations, alerts and time off requests. Managers can also review report information and perform actions on behalf of employees, such as entering time adjustments. Employees can also view and edit their schedules, review and submit timesheets, punches, and job transfers, or request time off. Plus, it easily syncs with existing HR management and payroll systems alike. While the app is free, users must hold a Vortex Connect license in order to use it.

diversityDNA is a free mobile diversity training app that provides insights into how cultural differences impact workplace conduct. Through a series of short YouTube videos, users can learn some of the important ways in which we differ in values, beliefs, norms and assumptions — and how these differences actually impact workplace behavior. This mini training course covers the basics of cultural diversity, and enlightens individuals in best practices for communicating in the workplace. For HR professionals with limited resources who are interested in educating their workforce, this simple, straightforward tool is a great start. The best part? The app is free!

Rypple Feedback is a SaaS application that takes the most basic function of performance reviews, and ramps it up for a far more engaging experience. Similar to a social network, Rypple makes it easy for leaders to recognize achievements and offer regular feedback to employees. The design provides managers with better visibility into the performance and activities of employees. Managers are able to track the feedback and accomplishments of team members, so reviews can encompass all of an employee’s activities and performance over the course of a year. The best part about this program, though, is its simplicity. For all it does to make performance reviews a more interactive, ongoing process, this program is equally user-friendly at every level. It makes setting goals, monitoring activity, documenting performance, and scheduling reviews (or “loops,” as they call them) a snap. Rypple currently offers various subscription options from free to $9 per user per month.
Additional Resources
HR at Your Fingertips is an HR terms and concepts reference tool. Valuable for newcomers and veterans alike, this application is divided into three sections. The glossary offers more than 270 terms and definitions of key terms and concepts for easy reference. The HR Laws section contains information on federal laws, including employee eligibility, definition of qualifying events and compliance standards. The app also contains a complete how-to guide for writing an employee handbook – offering overviews on sections to include and how to create company policies. This mobile app is currently available only for the iPhone or iPad.

Accero Workforce Intelligence is a reporting and analytics tool that fully integrates with the Accero Cyborg solution. The app has more than 200 predefined HR metrics, scorecards, charts and graphs built in, and offers traditional reporting capability as well. These tools are designed to clearly illustrate actionable HR information, allowing HR professionals to keep tabs on their organization wherever they go. Workforce Intelligence gives HR professionals and business leaders the means to make informed decisions with integrated workforce data wherever they are. The app is currently offered only to Accero Cyborg subscribers, but there are plans to expand its availability down the line.

HR Concepts’ Mobile Benefits allows users to check health benefit account balances, transactions and claim details — all from their smart phones. Users can also review claims requiring receipts and submit new receipts by taking a picture with their mobile devices. Sensitive information is never stored on your mobile device, and transmissions are encrypted and secure. This straightforward, easy-to-use tool takes employee self-service one step further, and puts their benefits in their pockets
Kyle Lagunas is a HR market analyst for Software Advice. Follow his blog here.

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