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Betting on Tech

Betting on Tech
Our annual TekTonic awards recognize innovation in human capital management. Here are the finalists.
By The Editors
More and more heads of HR are betting on technology to elevate their people management processes. Our annual TekTonic awards recognize the platforms with incredible impact. We have finalists in all facets of HR: talent management/recruiting, learning/performance management, workforce management/compensation, HRMS suites, and screening. The winners will be announced live at the HRO Today Forum in Philadelphia, May 5 through 7.
Company: iCIMS
Technology: iCIMS Video Cover Letter
The Buzz: iCIMS Video Cover Letter provides a means for candidates to submit a short video clip explaining why they are the best fit for the position. The Video Cover Letter reduces expensive travel and time costs, and even integrates with Skype if real-time video interviews are desired.
Company: RiseSmart
Technology: RiseSmart Transition

The Buzz: RiseSmart Transition is an outplacement solution that leverages intelligent search technology, social media, and online tools to help put laid-off employees back to work faster. It also offers displaced employees career coaches to help find opportunities, offer advice, and provide cover letter and resume assistance.
Company: Pinstripe & Ochre House

Technology: Talent Intelligence

The Buzz: Talent Intelligence is a portal that utilizes detailed data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), U.S. Census, and Office of Employment Statistics (OES), along with proprietary resume databases, to create statistically reliable and accessible projections of labor supply in a specific geography for the use of recruiters. The tool leverages components such as natural language processing, machine learning, and proprietary algorithms to foster data-driven, consultative discussions around the availability of hard-to-find talent with hiring leaders and HR team members.
Company: PeopleScout

Technology: MyPeopleScout

The Buzz: MyPeopleScout is a proprietary applicant tracking system (ATS) that offers the ability to be able to track, manage, and securely store candidate information even for employers with high talent acquisition needs. MyPeopleScout can provide business intelligence through its reporting system which tracks key performance metrics and service level agreements.
Company: Montage

Technology: Question Configuration

The Buzz: Question Configuration allows the hiring manager to have options of how each individual question is asked and answered with on-demand video interviewing. Adjustments can be made for question delivery (video, audio, or text), response submission (video, audio, or text), and recording options (no re-recording allowed which uncovers quick thinking skills or unlimited re-recording allowed which allows for more thoughtful candidate responses).
Company: HRsmart

Technology: HRsmart

The Buzz: HRsmart offers an unified talent management system that provides users with a single point of access for all applications, including applicant tracking, performance management, learning management, career development, and succession planning.
Company: HireMojo
Technology: HireMojo

The Buzz: HireMojo’s comprehensive approach incorporates big data, collective intelligence, and crowd sourcing to ensure finding top talent to fill jobs at a quick pace. It offers personal portals to both candidates and hiring managers. Candidates are aware of each step of the process, and hiring managers can rank, rate, comment, view social details, and ultimately make decisions about each candidate.
Company: ShiftWise, a company
 of AMN Healthcare
Technology: ShiftWise Connect

The Buzz: ShiftWise Connect offers a unique approach to helping clients hire contingent staff via a SaaS web-based order sending and self-scheduling system. The platform connects healthcare systems directly to their pool of flexible, temporary, and contract labor.
Company: Ceridian

Technology: Dayforce HCM Recruiting

The Buzz: The Dayforce HCM Recruiting enables recruiters and hiring managers to identify staffing needs, create job requisitions, and hire best-fit talent from pools of internal and external job candidates. For candidates, it offers a streamlined application process through LinkedIn and embedded job portals, ensuring a fast time-to-hire and seamless conversion from candidate to employee.
Company: Onboardia

Technology: Onboardia

The Buzz: Onboardia’s platform creates a virtual training “boot camp” for new hires, interns, temps, or contract workers to get them up to speed with company policies and values, ensure compliance, and expedite production. The software is customizable, easily edited and maintained, and provides a more extensive education of a company’s human resource content than other onboarding programs.
Company: Kudos

Technology: Kudos

The Buzz: Kudos is an employee recognition program and corporate social network that allows its users to give praise and feedback to other users to encourage employee engagement. Recognition begins when employees fill out a profile and add users, and from there the goals of engagement driving performance can be reached.
Company: Zapoint

Technology: SkillsMapper

The Buzz: SkillsMapper helps employers and employees alike by analyzing and reporting critical data, such as identifying gaps. The results can then provide guidance for engagement of employees in the career management and development process.
Company: Chronus Corporation
Technology: Chronus Mentor

The Buzz: Chronus Mentor helps its clients create successful online mentoring programs to engage employees and learn from existing resources. Chronus Mentor saves administrative time and cost while simultaneously promoting learning and addressing key talent and career development initiatives.
Technology: SAFEHARBOR
The Buzz: SAFEHARBOR is a cloud-based SaaS solution to help alleviate the
complexity of the ACA requirements and prevent companies from facing
penalties from failing to comply. SAFEHARBOR is designed to meet the
ACA requirements as well as to integrate with other third-party systems such as those used for payroll, HRIS, and benefit administration.
Website: www.goempyrean.com
Empyrean Benefit Solutions is one of the fastest-growing providers of technology and services for managing health and benefits programs. Empyrean provides enrollment, eligibility management, ACA services and compliance, as well as a range of other plan administration services to three distinct markets: employers, insurance brokers, and healthcare exchanges. Empyrean brings together the industry’s most advanced benefits technology platform with a market leading domain expertise.
Company: Thomsons Online Benefits

Technology: Darwin

The Buzz: Darwin is a cloud-based global benefits management and employee engagement software that securely integrates with benefits providers, HR systems, and payroll as a single source. It enables organizations to manage their benefits globally, while also acting locally by offering benefits and communications relevant to each individual market in which they are operating.
Technology: Paychex Online Services
The Buzz: The comprehensive, cloud-based offering delivers users all of Paychex services—payroll, time and attendance, HR, benefits, training, and performance management—on a single cloud-based platform. Paired with Paychex Mobile for smartphones and Paychex Online for tablets, the new platform offers the flexibility to work across devices.

Website: www.paychex.com
Paychex is a leading provider of payroll, HR, retirement, and insurance services for small and medium-sized businesses. By combining our leading software-as-a-service technology and mobility platform with dedicated, personal service, Paychex offers solutions to meet the needs of businesses today and in the future. Paychex’s ever-growing suite of products and services free business owners to do what they do best—run and grow their businesses.
Company: Electronic Commerce, Inc. (ECI)

Technology: Empower

The Buzz: With single sign-on access and a variety of customizable features, ECI Empower® delivers the ability to streamline communication, automate workflows, and simplify the user experience across a full scope of employee administration requirements. Cloud-based Empower allows its users to have access to a system with the capability to manage the entire employment life cycle.
Company: cFactor Works Inc.

Technology: Vibe HCM

The Buzz: Vibe HCM is an alternative to traditional HR technology with a system of engagement focused on the employee, rather than a system of record focused on data and systems. The comprehensive HRIS system is customizable.
Company: Tracker Corp

Technology: Tracker I-9 Complete and I-9 Resolve

The Buzz: The Tracker electronic I-9 & E-Verify products auto-audit legacy I-9 records and auto-correct up to 74 percent errors, using manager self-service to easily correct the rest. This technology prevents fines caused by error, and is especially beneficial in high volume industries.

COMPANY: SecurTest
Technology: iReviewNow
The Buzz: iReviewNow allows employees to view the information produced by a background check at the same time as the potential employer views it. This allows the candidates to ensure the report’s accuracy, dispute inaccuracies, and explain previous convictions and rehabilitations. iReviewNow mitigates risk for employers during the hiring process, as there is possibility of expensive and time-consuming litigation when using information provided by background checks.
Website: www.securtest.com
SecurTest, Inc. – The iReviewNow Company with its exclusive patented solutions ensures background screening accuracy and legal compliance with the latest FCRA, EEOC and state mandates. We help protect the U.S. Government and public and private employers through our patented iReviewNow and TerrorAlert systems. Unique to iReviewNow is our dual patented system, which allows the subject or consumer to see his or her report instantly to authenticate or identify inaccuracies before erroneous reports negatively impact hiring or security clearance decisions.

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