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Agilent Awards ARINSO 10-year HRO Contract

ARINSO International, recently acquired by Northgate, said that it has entered into a 10-year HRO agreement with Agilent, a global leading measurement company. The deall calls for ARINSO to administer a number of key HR processes including payroll and time management for Agilent’s U.S. workforce. Financial terms were not publicly disclosed.

Following Northgate’s expanded global presence through the ARINSO acquisition, the deal may be a precursor to the company eventually handling these services for all of Agilent global workforce, which number 21,000.

Under the current deal, which covers Agilent’s 8,000 U.S. employees, ARINSO will use its e-HR, knowledge management, and case management solutions will empower Agilent managers and streamline HR business functions across the board. Agilent has the option to extend the scope of the service delivery model over the life of the 10-year agreement.

Services provided by ARINSO include U.S. payroll and time management administration using ARINSO’s euHReka platform.
Agilent said it selected ARINSO for its proven methodology to administer payroll administration, its technology prowess, and its complementary personnel, according to the provider.

“We are pleased that Agilent Technologies has selected ARINSO to enter into a long-term strategic HR BPO partnership with us. We look forward to serving the needs of Agilent Technologies and their employees with our innovative technology solutions and best-in-class service offerings” said Kay Mason, managing director, ARINSO U.S.

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