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ADP Helps Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Cash In On Savings

ROSELAND, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 31, 2005–ADP NationalAccount Services, part of the Employer Services Division, a leadingprovider of outsourced payroll, benefits and HR services for largeemployers, today announced that Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegashas begun implementation of its PayForce(TM) solution to streamlinepayroll processes and provide greater access to data throughout theenterprise. ADP PayForce is a flexible, paperless payroll solution,with an intuitive Web-based interface that results in greater processefficiencies and lower total cost of ownership per paycheck. Hard RockHotel & Casino is ADP’s 100th PayForce customer since the offering wasintroduced to national account clients in July 2003.

PayForce is designed for growing organizations requiring a robust,quickly-implemented payroll solution that provides built-in bestpractices in a Web-based environment. Additionally, ADP’s TotalPay,combined with iPaystatements, allow customers to deliver a totallypaperless payroll solution to their employees, which can eliminate thecosts of printing, lost checks, and check fraud and save employeesfrom having to wait in line to cash their pay checks.

Today, PayForce customers have an opportunity to leverage ADP’sSelf Service offering, which allows employees to access HR and payrollinformation anytime with only a Web browser and an Internetconnection. As a hosted solution, ADP maintains all the software andhardware, enabling customers to receive version enhancements withoutinfrastructure expenses or additional charges for upgrades.

With ADP Self Service for PayForce, users can easily accesspersonal data, and view paychecks, W-2 and 1099 forms, W-4 selections,direct deposit information, and benefit information. Through ADP SelfService, PayForce customers experience improved employee satisfaction,with regard to their personal, payroll and employee data, whileallowing HR practitioners to focus on more strategic tasks.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino employs approximately 1,900 employees,and previously handled payroll administration in-house. “ADP offeredus a solution that is backed by years of experience and bestpractices, which allows us to more efficiently manage payroll withoutsacrificing control,” said Jim Bowen, CFO, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.”We process standard payroll every other week, but the nature of ourbusiness demands flexibility in processing special payroll requests.With PayForce, we have this flexibility and are able to significantlyreduce the amount of time it takes to process payroll.”

With PayForce, Hard Rock is also able to offer employees theoption of using ADP’s TotalPay card, a payroll card that isautomatically loaded with an employee’s salary each pay cycle. TheTotalPay card, branded by Visa, can be used at participatinglocations for point-of-sale purchases as well as for no-fee cashwithdrawals. “This is a huge benefit to employees that do not haveaccess to credit cards or a bank account,” said Bowen.

PayForce’s integrated database seamlessly combines payroll datawith core HR and benefits information to supply historical, current oreven future-dated views of employee records and payroll information.The solution features multiple layers of security that help ensuredata integrity, and can be tailored to accommodate individualcorporate policies. PayForce customers also benefit from comprehensivereporting capabilities, such as point-in-time reporting with effectivedating, which allows future transactions to be automatically activatedon a specified date. Reports can be downloaded or accessed via theInternet.

“We are delighted by the positive response to PayForce in themarket,” said Jay Rising, President, ADP National Account Services.”PayForce’s success relies heavily on customer feedback. We recentlyadded ADP Self Service to our PayForce solution, and will continue toupdate the offering based on evolving marketplace needs. As a hostedsolution with anywhere access, it is ideal for streamlining thepayroll process through its productivity-enhancing tools.”

PayForce is offered by ADP National Account Services, the businessunit of ADP that provides payroll, HR and benefit services toorganizations with more than 1,000 employees. For more information,please visit www.nas.adp.com.

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