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2014 TekTonic Winners

Learn more about the innovators that took home trophies at the HRO Today Forum in Philadelphia.
By The Editors
Workforce Management/Compensation Winner Solution: Darwin
Thomsons Online Benefits
Darwin is a cloud-based global benefits management and employee engagement software that securely integrates with benefits providers, HR systems, and payroll as a single source. It enables organizations to manage their benefits globally, while also acting locally by offering benefits and communications relevant to each individual market in which they are operating.
The Why Behind The Win: Darwin’s global solution allows multinational benefits management with its intuitive integration. The employee benefits portal is smartphone and tablet friendly. By providing an engaging user experience similar to consumer software, rather than a business interface, Darwin encourages repeated employee interaction and participation with benefits programs while constantly reinforcing the power of the company’s total reward.
More than 630 companies use Darwin worldwide across 64 countries, with 46 new clients acquisitions in 2013. The rapidly growing company has won more than 70 awards.
Screening Winner Solution: iReviewNow
iReviewNow allows employees to view the information produced by a background check at the same time as the potential employer views it. This allows the candidates to ensure the report’s accuracy, dispute inaccuracies, and explain previous convictions and rehabilitations. iReviewNow mitigates
risk for employers during the hiring process, as there is possibility of expensive and time-consuming litigation when using information provided by background checks.
The Why Behind The Win: As the only patented solution,
no other CRA can create an automated, online, or email consumer reporting and dispute resolution system. Clients are kept confidential since they administer iReviewNow. Consumers receive an automated text and email alert when the report lands at iReviewNow.com. Consumers securely login, authenticate their identity, and then review the entire report to ensure it is accurate.
Learning Winner
 Solution: Chronus Mentor
Provider: Chronus Corporation
Chronus Mentor helps its clients create successful online mentoring programs to engage employees and learn from existing resources. Chronus Mentor saves administrative time and cost while simultaneously promoting learning and addressing key talent and career development initiatives.
The Why Behind The Win: The online platform is easy and engaging and is highly configurable with a broad reach. It also integrates with enterprise HRM systems. Client success: One of Chronus’s banking customers recently
saw an enrollment increase in their leadership and diversity training programs that was 50 percent higher than expected. Due to this success, they doubled the number of mentoring programs from four to eight. After implementing a 50,000 user license for Chronus Mentor to run student career mentoring programs, the University of Phoenix reduced the number of full-time admins
from three to one, freeing up the other two for other administrative duties.
Talent Management Winner Solution: Question Configuration

Provider: Montage
Question Configuration allows the hiring manager to have options of how each individual question is asked and answered with on-demand video interviewing. Adjustments can be made for question delivery (video, audio, or text), response submission (video, audio, or text), and recording options (no re-recording allowed which uncovers quick thinking skills or unlimited re-recording allowed which allows for more thoughtful candidate responses).
The Why Behind The Win: Montage’s Question Configuration empowers organizations to tailor their candidate experience for every question. It takes into consideration clients’ internal philosophy and the requirements of each job, by varying questions from those uncovering quick-thinking to those requiring more thoughtfully considered responses through the flexibility of video, audio, or text.

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